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Thu, 16 Jun 2005
Obsolete Software T-Shirt Day

Today is Obsolete Software T-Shirt Day in the OSAF Offices. Those of us who work remotely are posting photographs (although I'm breaking the rules by not posing in my shirt(s). The advantage is that you get to see three T-Shirts instead of one.

First up: The T-Shirt Commemorating the closure of Apple's Cambridge Research Lab, and the termination of the Dylan project. Dylan is one of the promising languages that Java killed.

Front of Dylan Shirt

"The power to cancel your very best"

Back of Dylan Shirt

"Are you sure you want to cancel the entire Cambridge lab?"

The next T-shirt commemorates the occasion of Apple and HP bailing out of Taligent, leaving IBM with all the goodies.

The Taligent logo

Back of Taligent shirt

"Top Ten Reasons I Stayed at Taligent"

The last T-Shirt celebrated the spin off of Apple's Newton Systems Group into a separate company. The celebration was short lived, as Steve Jobs yanked us right back into Apple and then killed us. But at least Powerbooks are now fast at going to sleep and waking up...

Front of Newton, Inc. Shirt

"Newton, Inc."

(My apologies for the poor photography)

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