Montgomery, L. M.. Anne of Avonlea
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  • Header
  • Front Matter
  • Chapter I An Irate Neighbor
  • Chapter II Selling in Haste and Repenting at Leisure
  • Chapter III Mr. Harrison at Home
  • Chapter IV Different Opinions
  • Chapter V A Full-fledged Schoolma'am
  • Chapter VI All Sorts and Conditions of Men. . .and women
  • Chapter VII The Pointing of Duty
  • Chapter VIII Marilla Adopts Twins
  • Chapter IX A Question of Color
  • Chapter X Davy in Search of a Sensation
  • Chapter XI Facts and Fancies
  • Chapter XII A Jonah Day
  • Chapter XIII A Golden Picnic
  • Chapter XIV A Danger Averted
  • Chapter XV The Beginning of Vacation
  • Chapter XVI The Substance of Things Hoped For
  • Chapter XVII A Chapter of Accidents
  • Chapter XVIII An Adventure on the Tory Road
  • Chapter XIX Just a Happy Day
  • Chapter XX The Way It Often Happens
  • Chapter XXI Sweet Miss Lavendar
  • Chapter XXII Odds and Ends
  • Chapter XXIII Miss Lavendar"s Romance
  • Chapter XXIV A Prophet in His Own Country
  • Chapter XXV An Avonlea Scandal
  • Chapter XXVI Around the Bend
  • Chapter XXVII An Afternoon at the Stone House
  • Chapter XXVIII The Prince Comes Back to the Enchanted Palace
  • Chapter XXIX Poetry and Prose
  • Chapter XXX A Wedding at the Stone House