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Welcome to our Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation C.I.V.F. web site!




You are the visitor to our site. (Best viewed at 1024 x  768 or more).

This site is designed to promote the sport of Volleyball in the Cayman Islands.

There are thousands of organizations, each with a specific purpose or goal. There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization he or she believes in. By building an effective web site, we hope to get our message out to a larger audience of people interested in volleyball in the Cayman Islands.

Playing Tips


Our Mission

Our mission is to further promote the sport of Volleyball through our organization and our members to the community of the Cayman Islands. We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our reach of persons playing the sport.


Federation's Profile

The Federation is made up of members from our society  (some of whom play the sport)  , they are lead by an elected Board of Administration. Responsible for getting the members to promote the sport.  

The C.I.V.F. is affiliated to Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB) and Norcea Volleyball Federations since 1976, as such is entitled to support from these organization which help in the hosting of Coaches and Referees Course and Clinics. These federations are also responsible for holding regional and international tournament to which Cayman can compete. Also they are responsible for passing vital information about the development of the sport to our federation.

Contact Information

Telephone (345) 916-0038
FAX (345) 947-CIVF
Postal address Grand Cayman P.O. Box 10245 KY1-1003 CAYMAN ISLANDS
Email General Information: civf_volleyball@yahoo.com
Webmaster: civf_volleyball@yahoo.com