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For Sale in ... Montreal
For Sale in ... Montreal
Yannick Grandmont for The New York Times
This one-bedroom penthouse apartment in Montreal has industrial details and panoramic views of the city.

A one-bedroom penthouse apartment with panoramic views of Montreal is on the market for $1,866,400.

Property Values
What You Get for ... $150,000

A converted schoolhouse in Bridgewater Corners, Vt.; a two-bedroom co-op in Chicago; and a two-bedroom houseboat in Portland, Ore.

Renovating a French Mill

A secluded mill has been transformed into a site for weeklong vacation packages themed around French cooking, architecture, art or bike rides through the Loire countryside.

The Ultimate Luxury: A Garage

It adds convenience, privacy and security. And the oversize door is handy for moving big objects in or out. One owner even turned his garage into a music room.

Thrifty Ways to Upgrade a Building

There are plenty of opportunities for cut-rate quality-of-life enhancements for co-ops and condominiums.

The Hunt
As Priorities Change, Perseverance Pays Off

When Nick Kravitz and his wife, Hongyu Adella Lin-Kravitz, decided they wanted to move to a bigger home, they took months shopping for homes and neighborhoods.

Living In | Norwood, the Bronx
Where the Spirit of Renewal Rises Again

Norwood, which suffered neglect in the 1980s and ’90s, is once again sprucing itself up. Its roads, with steep grades and closely packed wood-frame houses, almost recall San Francisco’s.

Streetscapes | The Diamond District
An Unshowy Setting for Gems

The diamond district seems so firmly a part of Manhattan that it is hard to imagine any other destination for shoppers seeking high-priced gems, but in fact there once was one.

Multimedia Features
A Penthouse in Quebec

Images of a one-bedroom apartment located in a former factory in Montreal.

$150,000 Homes

Properties on the market in Vermont, Illinois and Oregon.

A French Renovation

Moulin Bregéon, a property in the Loire Valley of France, has been turned into a small inn.

Buy of the Week

A three-story house that was built in 1910, is near Brooklyn College and is a 20-minute subway ride to either the beach or Manhattan is listed at $799,000.

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Living in Norwood, the Bronx
Living in Norwood, the Bronx
On the Market
On the Market
Living in Highland, N.J.
Living in Highland, N.J.
The Backyard in New York City: An Urban Oasis

Screened from all but the envious eyes of aerial neighbors, the backyard is the most counterintuitive of New York spaces.

Upper West Side
Little Boxes, Far From the Hillside

Eight stories above Broadway and 97th Street, construction is near completion on three little houses that sit atop a turn-of-the-century apartment building.

Habitats | Tudor City
The Well-Edited Nest

Rose Cirigliano has turned her 320-square-foot efficiency apartment into a survivors’ camp where every item has a reason for being, or else.

Turning Distress Sales to Advantage

Now, at the most unlikely of times, a neighborhood organization in Hartford is taking advantage of the current spike in foreclosures to buy up deteriorating bank-owned properties.

Toxic Tidbits, via the Web

A free Web site enables anyone — including prospective buyers and sellers, brokers and neighbors — to check a location for health hazards lurking underground.

Check Credit Unions for Deals

Credit union mortgages are not typically marketed through brokers, yet they have grown increasingly attractive in recent months.

Tiles and Toucans

Images of a Colonial-style house in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Two Villas

Photos of two homes on the Greek island of Corfu.

Manhattan Market Data

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2nd Quarter, 2008 Details by Zip:

Highest $/Sq. Ft.: 10023 - Upper West Side/Lincoln Square Area

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