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What is PeopleAhead?
PeopleAhead™ is a growing online destination that uses intelligent TrueMatch® technology to present relevant career opportunities to experienced professionals and provide qualified candidates to recruiters–without endless resume and job-posting searches.

Recruiters for marketing, technology and professional services companies are embracing the power of TrueMatch® to find high-quality candidates for hard-to-fill positions.  Likewise, for experienced professionals, PeopleAhead works 24x7 to deliver relevant opportunities and network-building activities for continuous career advancement.

1. Who should join PeopleAhead?
PeopleAhead is dedicated to career advancement.  Experienced Professionals who want to take charge of their career path should join.

2. What will I get if I join?
PeopleAhead uses our TrueMatch® technology to custom-fit you to the right career opportunities, so you’ll never miss a great opportunity simply because you’re busy working or studying.  Since career advancement is a continuous process that is strengthened by self preparation and by including your network in your plans, PeopleAhead provides a powerful platform to make these activities simple, enjoyable and rewarding.

3. I’ve got a job, do I need PeopleAhead?
The time when your career is on track is the perfect time to join PeopleAhead.  Our platform helps you remain focused on your future goals and keeps your professional contacts engaged with your progress.  Since TrueMatch® delivers relevant opportunities without searching, you will always know where the opportunities are.

4. Career Advancement takes a lot of time right?
We know that the idea of career advancement can feel overwhelming, so PeopleAhead:
a. Helps you prioritize your career advancement activities
b. Provides the Surgeahead BOX© to make your activities quick, simple and effective
c. Puts you in charge of your own career advancement.
There’s no better feeling than knowing you’re making progress & accomplishing objectives—Surging ahead.


1.  How do I get started?
First:  Create your own account.  We ask you for contact information because employers will want to know how to reach you if you apply for a career opportunity in PeopleAhead.  Your contact information is never shared—and you remain anonymous to employers—until you apply for a specific opportunity. 

Second:  Build your Profile.  The key to receiving relevant TrueMatch® career opportunities is to maintain a full career Profile in PeopleAhead.  You can build your profile directly in PeopleAhead in the Profile section of the site. 

Third:  Sit back and receive your opportunities.  No more resume posting and job searching, TrueMatch® does the work for you.  Even if you’re happy with your job, you need to know where the opportunities are.


1. I don’t see any TRUEMatch® career opportunities.  Is something wrong? 
TrueMatch® presents you with opportunities that match to your interests and the info in your Full Profile.  If you’re not being matched with opportunities, make sure you update your Profile with your latest information.

2. I’m not looking for a new career opportunity, so I don’t want employers to see my information. 
PeopleAhead certified employers NEVER see your information until you APPLY for a TrueMatch® opportunity.  If you don’t choose to apply, your information is not revealed.

At the same time, TrueMatch® presents you with relevant positions so you won’t miss a career opportunity just because you’re busy.  If you receive a great opportunity, but you’re happy where you are, recommend someone you know.  That way, when you need something that person will be happy to return the favor.


1. What is the Network section used for?
Network is the place in PeopleAhead where you manage your communities of professional contacts.  As you join groups, you’ll be able to keep track of what’s happening, share advice with group participants and organize your communications easily and effectively.

2.  How do I know what type of relationship is right for people I invite to my network?
As part of the career advancement process you’ll find that you want to interact with different people in different ways.  We’ve created relationship types as a way to share information and interact with everyone effectively. 

  • Contacts:  see your limited Networking Profile and interact via private messages.  This type of relationship works best for people who you want to maintain contact with, but who don’t usually help you make career-related decisions.
  • Advisors:  see your Full Profile, Plan and Blog.  This type of relationship works best for people who you’d like to engage in your career advancement.  By sharing your Profile, Plan and Blog, Advisors can quickly & easily contribute advice, give you recommendations and stay up-to-date on your career plans.
  • Potential Employers:  see your Full Profile.  This type of relationship is good when you establish a contact at a company where you want to work and need to demonstrate that you take your career seriously in PeopleAhead.  Note:  Potential Employers are not viewable by other Potential Employers, so you can target multiple companies.   

3. How do I add a people to my Network?
Simply click the “Add a Contact” button at the top of your display.  Enter the person’s name and email address, select the group you’d like to add your contact to and we’ll handle the rest.

4. Who should I add as a Contact?
Add the people who know you in a professional setting, such as colleagues, classmates, mentors, acquaintances, supervisors, professors, and whoever else you’d like to engage in your career advancement.

5. I added a contact, why can’t I do anything in the Surgeahead BOX© when I select this contact?
PeopleAhead is awaiting confirmation from your contact.  If you don’t receive confirmation in a few days, you might want to resend your invitation. 

6. How do I Add a Group? 
Simply click the “Add a Group” button at the top of your display.  Enter the group name and type of group you desire.

7. What kind of groups should I add?
PeopleAhead lets you add the groups that are most important to your career advancement.  Add your organizations, clubs, associations, or whatever other group is important to you. 

8. What is a Personal Group?
A Personal Group is an organizational feature that helps you associate people with the context (community, time, relationship) in which you know them.  Personal Groups are viewable only by you.

9. What is a Private Group?
A Private Group is any set of people who want to stay connected, share advice with group participants and who want their group to Surge ahead using PeopleAhead.  Private group invitees are the only people who can view group communications, plans and participants.  When you join a Private Group, you will automatically be added as a Contact of all group participants. 

10. What is a Public Group?
A Public Group is similar to a Private Group except Public Groups can receive TrueMatch® opportunities from PeopleAhead certified employers.  Public Groups are great for university clubs and professional organizations because employers can share opportunities that are aligned to the group’s interests.

11. I want to move one of my Contacts to a new group.  Can I do it?
You can move contacts from personal group to personal group by simply using the “drag & drop” feature.  For example, to move person A from “Other Contacts” to “My Mentoring Board”, left-click over Person A’s name and drag your mouse over “My Mentoring Board, then release the left mouse button.