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New Page (August 2008) Capers and Capabilities: We talk Sovereignty, others sail Arctic Waters

Past Page  (January 2008) –  Mackenzie Valley Pipeline:  the Wealth of  Nations and Arctic Futures
Past Page  (December 2007) – Russia and the Arctic:  Strategic Resources and Northern Sea Route

Past Page  (November 2007) – Alberta's  New Economic Plan:  Can we Adapt it for Canada's North?



New Pages (Aug 2008) Senate and PM on Arctic Shipping, Special Operations Vehicles, (July 2008) Fastfin for Griffon?, INGRESS, (June) Canada First155mm M777, Shield decoysTCRAOPS.

Past Pages (May 2008) Artillery Trainer, (April) CH-47D FMS Notice,  (March) Leopard C2 parts, INGRESS Griffon recce suiteTank upgrade/conversion) , Medium Range Radar, mini-helicopter, MSVS APS/ LOI, Bison ballistic curtain, (Feb) Challenger R&O;, Noctua UAV, M134D MiniGun.


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New Pages (Aug 2008) SOV, SOIQ (candidates Jackal & Wolf ), CC-150T, (June) TF ODIN, AOPS

Recent Pages (July 2008) JSS, (June) A400M, (May) Sea King upgrade?, LAV-H, (Feb 2008) Polish helicopters, short/stretch C-130J & C-130J/-30 Lease Offers, (Dec 2007)  Global Express and  R1 Sentinel (Aurora replacements), (Nov) Dash 7 (Oct) CL-604 MMA, (Sept) P-3C rebuilds, Kawasaki P-X, Nimrod, P-8A, EADS MPA, FWSAR, Leopard 2A6M (June) Orca PCT (May) AOPS, AHSVS.

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New Pages (May/July 2008) – Comparison: Danish Naval projects 2005-2009, overview of  current Danish shipbuilding plans. Patrol Frigate Absalon class, Knud Rasmussen class, Holm and Diana.

Recent Pages (March 2008)  Immediately-Available Medium-Lift Helicopters for Use in Afghanistan
NATO Mils: Poland and the Baltic States, Romania, Bulgaria and the Turkish Gendarme, Hungary, Slovak Republic, and the Czech Republic, & the Mi-171Š, the very latest model in Czech AF service.



New Pages (July 2008) AT-6B for CF counter-IED COIN role & helicopter escort duties (plus Steve Daly’s rationale), and TF ODIN a model for Battlefield ISR? manned sensor carriers in lieu of UAVs.

Recent pages  (April 2008)  Assured Access to Czech Helicopters?,  (Nov 2007) NASP Challenger , (Sept 2007) Arctic Utility, Rethinking SAR , (July) Ranger Rifles , (May) LAV-Surv , (March) TUA.

Updated page  (Dec)  Armed CH-146s for Kandahar?  USMC Hueys flew escort, why not Griffons?.

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New Page (August 2008)  –  Forces  Require  Manoeuvre  Warfare  against  Non-State  Combatants

Past Page (June 2008)  –  Time to  Calve off  SAR  –  Civilian Contractors  are  more Cost - Effective

Past Page  (April  2008)  –    Bucharest  Summit   Begets  Gordon  Brown's  Helicopter  Trust  Fund

Afghanistan NATO ~ ISAF

Archived Articles

New Page (August 2008) – Counterinsurgency Requires More US Troops and Renewed Leadership

New Page (22 June 2008)  –  Counterinsurgency  Legacy  –  US  Army  Aviation  Supports  its  Own
Updated (16 June 2008)  –  Hot  Pursuit:  US  Forces Strike inside Pakistan's Tribal Areas  [FATA]

Past Page (May 2008)  –  Afghan  Commandos:  trained  by  US  Military  in   Eastern  Afghanistan

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