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Clerical Staff - Technical Staff - Graduate Students &
Post-doctoral Fellows

Mathew, Alan G., Professor and Head. Nutrition, Bacteriology, and Antibiotic Resistance.

Conatser, Glenn E., Professor. Swine.

Edwards, J. Lannett, Associate Professor. Reproductive Physiology and Embryology.   (Graduate Director)

Fisher, Aaron E., Instructor.

Gill, Warren W., Retired Professor (Nashville, TN). Beef Cattle & Sheep Nutrition & Management.

Godkin, James D., Professor. Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology.

Grizzle, Judith M., Associate Professor. Reproductive Physiology.

Harper, Frederick, Retired Associate Professor. Horses.

Heitmann, Richard N., Professor. Ruminant Nutrition and Nutritional Physiology.  (Undergraduate Coordinator)

Hill-Campbell, Kristy, Extension Dairy Specialist.

Hopkins, Fred M., Professor. Veterinary Science, Theriogenology.

Kattesh, Henry G., Professor. Physiology and Endocrinology.

Kirkpatrick, F. David, Professor. Beef Cattle Breeding.

Kojima, Cheryl J., Assistant Professor. Animal Physiology and Genomics.

Kriewald, Russell D., Lecturer. Horses.

Lane, Clyde D., Professor. Beef Cattle Production.

Lin, Jun, Assistant Professor. Infectious Diseases.

McIntosh, Bridgett, Assistant Professor. Horses.

Meadows, Doyle G., Retired Professor. Horses.

Mitchell, Jeff W., Extension Associate - Dairy. DHIA Program

Moustaid-Moussa, Naima, Professor. Obesity and Endocrinology (Co-director, UT Obesity Research Center).

Neel, James B., Professor. Beef Cattle Management.

Oliver, Stephen P., Professor. Mammary Physiology.

Peischel, H. An, Associate Professor. Extension Goat Specialist. (Located at TSU)

Pighetti, Gina M., Associate Professor. Immunology.

Prado, Maria E., Assistant Professor. Animal Health.

Robbins, Kelly R., Professor. Non-Ruminant Nutrition.

Saxton, Arnold M., Professor. Statistical Genomics.

Schrick, F. Neal, Professor. Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology.

Smith, Michael O., Professor. Poultry Physiology and Management.  (Scholarship Coordinator)

Voy, Brynn, Assistant Professor.

Waller, John C., Associate Professor. Ruminant Nutrition and Beef Management.