RDFC topology

The Resonant Discontinuous Forward Converter (RDFC) is a novel topology delivering considerable technical and commercial benefits when coupled with CamSemi’s C2470 family of mixed signal controllers.

Advantages include:

  • Low cost components, small transformers and simple designs covering a wide power range
  • Low EMI
  • High efficiency
  • Low standby power
  • Safety features from both the topology and the controller
  • Small footprint transformers to reduce the demand for copper and steel [click the image to review the latest copper price].
Transformers are tiny: reducing
demands for copper, steel
& other raw materials

The approach is aimed primarily at linear replacement in a wide variety of applications such as plug-top adapters, embedded supplies and battery chargers. As well as being cost effective and with extra safety features built-in, RDFC enables easy, fast compliance with new regulations on efficiency and standby power including ENERGY STAR 2.0.

Typical circuit covering wide range of powers from 6 W to 40 W