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OSoft ThoutReader
Mind Altering Software

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: ThoutReader name change with release of version 2.0 - click here for more information.

As a programmer, have you ever...

  • tried to copy code from a book by hand?
  • read something important you needed later but couldn't remember where you read it?
  • had a great idea you wanted to share with the rest of the developer community but didn't know how?
  • tried to view online documentation, but you weren't online?
  • lost your concentration and got side-tracked searching for answers?
  • thought it would be really cool to be able to search all of your documentation, books, notes, and code snippets at the same time - offline?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then OSoft has a FREE open source solution that will save you time, increase productivity, and literally change the way you work.

There are overwhelming amounts of OS resource materials available to the developer - but the content is in different formats and different locations, making information hard to find when, where, and how you need it. So, OSoft has developed the ThoutReader�: an open source (GPL 2.0) cross-platform multi-document help system that organizes new and existing content. Developers can now browse, search, bookmark, append, and print their favorite library of reference documentation and code as well as reference books - from one program, in one format, at the same time - even off-line.

"Documentation and reference materials should be easily searchable. ThoutReader� makes that possible. I am very pleased with the ability to find what I am looking for quickly and efficiently. Thanks for making it possible."
~ J.Reeder


  • Convenience on the go with ALL of your reference material in a single program. Always there - online or off.
  • Save time and learn new programming languages faster from a single, easy to use interface.
  • Cross search all of your documentation simultaneously.
  • Organize, bookmark, append, and print content.
  • Copy/paste code from your reference material directly into your application.
  • View your content off-line on practically any platform.

Getting Started is as easy as 1, 2

  1. DOWNLOAD the ThoutReader - it's FREE from SourceForge.net. It is written in Java and runs on all operating systems.
  2. SELECT the documentation you want from the Categories Menu on the left or click here for a complete list. Any documentation that is free, we distribute free. Documentation for PHP, MySQL, Apache, Perl, Linux, Python, BSD, Samba, XML, and many other open source applications have been converted into the ThoutReader� format and are available to download at no cost.

Get ThoutReader

�The ThoutReader is a spectacularly useful tool for getting quick, surgical information.�
~ T. Mook

#1 asked question...

Q: If the ThoutReader� is free and the documentation is free, how do you make money to sustain the project?
We are open source developers who understand OS issues and share passion for the open source community. In addition to the free content, we also offer best-selling reference books and original works from leading experts in the ThoutReader� format. Prices are generally 30% off publisher list price and can be downloaded and added to your reference library immediately. We make a few dollars off of each sale. The advantages of purchasing electronic content from OSoft instead of buying a hard copy book are:

  • Immediate download. No taxes, no shipping, no tariffs.
  • Try before you buy. Try out the ThoutReader� with the free content. We are confident you will want to add reference books to your ThoutReader� library. We even have a program to allow you to upgrade your current print books to the ThoutReader� format (for the titles we carry) at up to 80% off the list price.
  • You buy it, you own it. There are no subscription fees.
  • Free and continuous updates for free and commercial content as they become available.
  • DRM for commercial content only (required) is minimally invasive and does not require passwords for each use, log-in, or constant validations.

Isn't it time you went "electronic"? Click here for answers to other common questions.

"ThoutReader� puts the reader in the driver�s chair: you have the ability to perform flexible searches, and you can create public and private notes. The public notes feature is your tool for providing feedback. This means that you can contribute to the overall improvement of the Samba information that this medium makes available. ThoutReader provides you with the ability to help millions of users like yourself."
~ John H. Terpstra, author, Samba expert

The ThoutReader has several key improvements over existing technologies.

ThoutReader Browse

ThoutReader Search

ThoutReader Bookmark

ThoutReader Append

All of your reference material in a single program!

What's New
  • ThoutReader� v 1.9.0 released on 24 October 2005. Includes Java 1.5 support (finally), highlighting, import/export of notes, ability to search notes, and other modifications. This is a "must have" free upgrade.
  • UPGRADE PROGRAM NOW AVAILABLE: If you already own a print book that OSoft distributes in the ThoutReader format, you can upgrade to the ThoutReader format for up to 80% off the list price - only $9.00 per title. Log in to your account or click here for details.

OSoft Supports the Open Source Community

We would like to publish your content. Perhaps you have authored a book or thought of it. Perhaps you have great tips, tricks, or code that you would like to share in a standardized format. We would like to hear from you. To learn more about authoring packages, click here.

We welcome your comments and thank you for supporting our open source project.

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