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  • Program Materials/Biographies/Speaker Information Forms Deadline Monday, March 19th
  • Early Bird Registration Cut-Off-Thursday, April 10th
  • Pre-Registration Cut-Off (All registrations received after this date will be processed on-site)-Friday, April 20th
  • Hotel Block Cut-Off-Tuesday, April 10th

Section Program Materials:
The CLE materials of the Speakers, Moderators and Program Chairs must be compiled specifically for the program or be related directly to the topic of the speaker's remarks and should consist of original materials together with relevant background resources (particularly resources that may not be readily available or easily found by attendees including English translations of materials in another language).

It is a good idea to include the web sites of good sources of materials on the topic but please do not include materials that can easily be copied from the web in the program book. Any speaker who wants to include previously published materials in the program book may do so as long as they are not out of date but it is required that authorization is obtained for re-publication from the original purchaser so we are not guilty of copyright infringement.

It is the responsibility of the program chair or moderator to ensure that program materials are received and forwarded no later than Monday, March 19, 2007. A failure to provide adequate materials may endanger the accreditation of the program for CLE. Materials received after this date are not guaranteed to be produced for on-site participants.

Please send all materials to Mary Jordan Mullinax at mullinam@staff.abanet.org by this deadline.

Each speaker, moderator and program chair must fill out the biography form at: http://www.abanet.org/intlaw/spring07/bioform.html. These biographies will be posted on the CD ROM handed out to each meeting registrant. PLEASE NOTE: Other forms of biographies will not be accepted for this meeting.

Click here to download a printable version of this form and return via fax to Mary Jordan Mullinax at 202/662-1669 or mail to ABA International, 740 15th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005. The form can also be emailed to Mary Jordan Mullinax at mullinam@staff.abanet.org.

Preparations for the meeting are proceeding well. Please contribute to the success of the meeting by registering now, if you have not already done so, and circulate the agenda to publicize the meeting as widely as possible.

We strongly encourage conference calls throughout the planning process. If you need a domestic or international dial in number, please email mullinam@staff.abanet.org to set up the call.

It is has been ABA policy since 2002 that all speakers, special guests and award recipients must register for the Section Meetings. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Jordan Mullinax at mullinam@staff.abanet.org. Registration can be done here.

Program Chairs, Moderators and Speakers are still required to register for the ticketed events. These events include:

Wednesday Luncheon @ $75
Wednesday, Reception at the IFC @ $95
Thursday Luncheon @ $75
Friday Luncheon @ $75

Friday, Chair’s Closing Reception @ $95

All meeting participants are invited to the International Wine and Cheese Reception for FREE on Thursday, May 3rd at the Fairmont.

Registrations must be postmarked no later than April 10th to receive the early bird discount. Registrations must be received by the Section office by April 20th for registrants to be included in the List of Attendees. For more information about registration, please click here.

Both The Fairmont Hotel and the Westin Grand, across the street from The Fairmont are now SOLD OUT. We have provided a list of NEARBY HOTELS for you here to contact and make your accommodations. Keep in mind, that the early bird meeting registration deadline is Tuesday, April 10th. With the astounding number of people already registered for the Spring Meeting, we suggest you make your arrangements and register for the meeting, if you haven’t done so already, as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you in May!

You are encouraged to make your airline reservations on the newly launched ABA Online Travel site where you automatically receive ABA airfare discounts from a variety of carriers and can view and purchase other low fare options including web fares. Simply visit www.abanet.org and select "ABA Online Travel" from "Member Tools" to take advantage of negotiated airfare discounts. It takes only a few moments to establish a username and password allowing you to immediately book your reservations. ABA Online Travel provides you with a quick and easy way for obtaining the most cost effective airline reservations. Visit http://wcp.getthere.net/abaonlinetravel or www.abanet.org.

For the 2007 Spring Meeting, business casual and business attire are both appropriate.

Questions: Contact Mary Jordan Mullinax
email: mullinam@staff.abanet.org
Ph: 202-662-1673 or Fax: 202-662-1669

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