September 2nd, 2008 - Created by jimiz

I was watching crankyGeeks and John Dvorak had a great suggestion. He mentioned that Adobe should come out with their own Linux Distribution made specifically for PhotoShop. Since the graphic design world has never embraced Linux due to the lack of tools like (PhotoShop and Fireworks).

If Abobe made their own version of Linux and a machine came pre-configured and optimized for Photoshop right from the factory this would be a worthwhile purchase for anyone.

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August 22nd, 2008 - Created by jimiz

I recently tried Weave from Mozilla.

It allows you to store items in the Cloud. Go here (weave) to see more

Blending the desktop and the web. Bookmarks and links etc… on all devices.

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August 6th, 2008 - Created by jimiz

How will you watch the Olympics? Here is a great article on stealing the Olympics.
Article - Pirate Olympics
It sounds like NBC is going to delay broadcasts 3 hrs.
So If the Soccer game is on at 2:00 I won’t be able to see it till 5 or at all.

I have previously used some of the services listed to watch Soccer. sopCast does a pretty good job. So I am interested to see how many people will try to do this.

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August 6th, 2008 - Created by jimiz

I am always interested in ways to save money. I enjoy reading books about the subject and also following some guidelines. I saw this post and figured it was some basic stuff that everyone should follow.

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July 23rd, 2008 - Created by jimiz

I do like Kid Rock. He recently made a PSA (Public Service Announcement) regarding stealing music.

Rolling Stone - PSA

I read a post somewhere that people took this as a real item and that he was encouraging stealing. I think his concept was great. If you steal music, why not gas, or cars. I wonder how many people this will cause to not steal music. Maybe one or two, however I just enjoy the message…

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July 18th, 2008 - Created by jimiz

I have always been interested in using different email systems. Once google apps came out I realized the value in a system where email / calendar / and contacts can be accessed by the small companies. Here is a great comparison.

Google Apps vs Exchange :

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July 18th, 2008 - Created by jimiz

I typically work with ISO files rather than keeping CD’s or DVD’s. If I need to mount the files I use Deamon tools, but if I need to quickly burn these to DVD or CD’s I use

The ISO recorder powertoy.

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July 17th, 2008 - Created by jimiz

There are some times where I just wonder why SharePoint is so popular. I had an instance where a client would like to have the login page secured. This would require the login page (forms based authentication) to have an ssl certificate. Since I had setup sharepoint to use SSL in the past I did not think of this being an issue. That turned out to not be the case.

The original issue was that when you extend the site to use ssl it is the entire site you are setting to use ssl (https) so you need to then add an alternate access mapping for non http. That part was somewhat straight forward, however I thought I could setup the extension using http and then make an alternate mapping for https, that did not work. So once I followed the above steps, we were free and clear.

The real issue began when I wanted have the login.aspx page be in https. How do you tell sharepoint to do this. I figured a simple solution was to use the web.config and use the forms authentication loginurl paramter. This caused the login.aspx page to be in https but it did not allow for the postback to work. For some reason sharepoint would not accept the postback when the full path was used in the loginurl setting.

Since the login.aspx page is generated by sharepoint and does not have a code behind I could not write in a simple call to the context to check if the page was secure. I ended up using javascript on the login page to do the redirection on page load.

Here is the code below. I hope this helps someone, so they don’t have to deal with some of these strange things that SharePoint provides us.

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July 10th, 2008 - Created by jimiz

I love it when a great new application comes along and is open source. The guys from DimDim, have created a Webex and Livemeeting like application that is open source.

I was using, but will give this a try. In my initial trials it has worked well. You can share your desktop with a remote person. Upload documents (PPT and PDF) and share with someone.

This is a very powerful and useful tool.

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June 19th, 2008 - Created by jimiz

My backup server and utility server is a ubuntu box in my basement. Nothing special, an old laptop with a USB drive attached for backups. Every night my machines rsync with it and keep files nice and safe.
Recently I noticed the main partition was getting a bit full. I have not had a linux box really run out of space in the past. I think my problem is that this was my first ubuntu install (I have done many since) and I think I installed too many default applications. I have been selectively removing programs to free space.

In the course of cleaning up here is a great post to help clean up some unwanted items.

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May 17th, 2008 - Created by jimiz

Microsoft recently released silverlight to compete with flash. Adobe has now just release (pre-released) their new release of flash. It has some interesting additions in this release

You will have to read the link above to get all the new enhancements, but I am interested to see the 3D feature.

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May 17th, 2008 - Created by jimiz

Here is a link to an interesting article and chart showing that the bandwidth of the amazon services is higher then all the global amazon sites. That is pretty amazing, when you think of all the commerce and shopping going on with amazon.

This just validates that people are getting comfortable with keeping their information online in a “cloud” or service.

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April 26th, 2008 - Created by jimiz

Here is a great list of all the current and future ultra portable laptops. I am really starting to think about getting one for home / travel use. (Lilputing)

I had only heard of the EEE pc now realize there are a few others available. The main element I am interested in would be speed of start-up time, Wireless access, usb ports, and a larger screen. The current version of the EEE pc has a 7 inch screen. I am planning on waiting at least for the 8 inch screen.

So the final decision people will have to make is what OS, Windows or Linux. It sounds from my research that many people are opting for the Linux version.

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April 22nd, 2008 - Created by jimiz

I have been talking about “one device to rule them all” for a long time. If you look in my posts you see that I have a vision that one day I’ll have a device (may look like a cell phone) that I call my computer. It has some type of input and can attach to any display, say flexible lcd, or the nearest plasma screen. The thought I have is that you will be able to carry your info and computer with you where ever you go.

Currently we are not there yet, we are getting closer; Iphone and windows mobile devices are getting better, but not what I want.

Recently I have been thinking of what would I want now, current day that I can take with me. My reason is that I am always on the go, meetings, traveling, and just being away from work. I don’t always like taking out my laptop for doing just notes in a meeting. I don’t enjoy lugging my laptop to meetings and power up and power down.
Currently I can get my email where ever I go (Blackjack) but that has limited abilities other than Calendar, email , and contacts.

So my solution may be a very UltraPortable computer. I know that some people just laugh at that idea. For years, manufacturers have been trying to get these things to work. NEC, Gateway, and sony have tried to make them work. It was always a balance between slow performance and just poor function. But now we have a few entries that may fit the bill. The MAC “AIR” may be nice, or the IBM x300. But they cost just too much. I am thinking that I should try a eEE PC (ASUS)

I think I can us this a a go between. For travel I can use to check email and remote desktop into servers. For work I can use this to take notes and go to meetings, leaving my primary laptop back at the office or in the car. For pleasure, I can just keep this with me instead of taking my laptop out.

So far I have heard good reviews. Beyond the battery on the ver 900 version. I’m not sure I would get one unless the 900 is ready to be purchased.

So what do you want in a portable computer? Small form factor? Speed? High performance?

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April 9th, 2008 - Created by jimiz

The Olympic torch has always been a special thing. I can remember as a kid watching someone carry it by, we must have been in a large city at the time. I always thought how cool it would be to carry the torch. A symbol of unity and the beginning of the Olympic games. I heard on the news today that the torch is not heading back and will not be traveling through our country due to the problems with protesters.

This angers me. I don’t mind protesting, I think it has it values. However, when protesting causes or disrupts something good and inspiring that seems hurtful to me. In no way is the torch the cause of the issues it is just a symbol of the Olympics. You would think that protesters would want the torch in the US longer to get more coverage or press as it travels our great nation

If I were an Olympic athlete I think I would be a bit unsure of how to think about the upcoming Olympics that they have trained so hard for and want to represent our country.

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