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Here, we are compiling a list of questions asked (or searched for) repeatedly by our visitors.
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Question Answer (sponsor)
1. Where can I learn Arabic / find Arabic learning material (software, tapes, online courses)? Arabic2000
2. Where can I find common Arabic words and phrases? Arabic2000
3. Where can I find/read/listen to Arabic newspapers, Radio and TV online? Arabic2000
4. Where can I get Arabic wordprocessor? no sponsor
5. Where can I get Arabic Windows 95/98/NT or MS Arabic Office? no sponsor
6. Where can I find info on how to read Arabic pages on the internet? Arabic2000
7. Where can I buy an Arabic keyboard? no sponsor
8. Where can I find drivers/support for my Arabic Windows or software? no sponsor
9. Where can I find/download Arabic fonts? no sponsor
10. Where can I get Arabic e-mail/chat in Arabic? no sponsor
11. Where can I find/send Arabic post cards or greeting cards? no sponsor
12. Where can I find Arabic food recipes? no sponsor
13. Where can I read Arabic poetry? Arabic2000
14. Where can I find Arabic search engines and Internet guides in Arabic? Arabic2000
15. Where can I find Islamic resources - Qur'an, Hadith, Fiqh, prayer times, info about Islam? Arabic2000
16. Where can I find Info and fixes for the Y2K bug (Year 2000 problem) no sponsor
17. Where can I promote/advertise my website or my products? no sponsor
18. Where can I make money on the Internet with little or no effort? no sponsor
19. Where can I search for something/anything? no sponsor
20. Where can I find Arabic audio (Qur'an, nasheed, Arabic music, arabic songs mp3)? no sponsor

  1. Arabic learning material: Arabic2000 offers a number of resources including The Arabic Tutor software and Arabic online e-school. Other resources can be located within our Arabic web index (online stores) and our global business directory. You can also search the web for: Arabic teaching software, Arabic learning tapes ... etc. (make sure you search for the whole phrase to get valid results)

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  3. Common Arabic words and phrases: A number of resources including the Arabic alphabet, common Arabic words and phrases and some free lessons are available from our Arabic e-school - public section. Notice that Arabic numbers (numerals) are actually the 0, 1, 2, 3, ...9 you are familiar with.

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  5. Arabic newspapers, Radio and TV stations online: We have indexed these by country and indicated what format is being used. Check out Arabic web index - news and media. We also have an Arabic list of Newspapers

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  7. Arabic wordprocessor: If you run Arabic windows 3.1x, 95, 98 or NT4 Arabic, see the answer below. If you run Latin windows, you can use a multilingual wordprocessor that supports Arabic. Examples include Universal Word, Accent, Gamma unitype and parsnegar (Windows) and Nisus writer (Mac). A good source is to check for multilingual WP and translation programs is World of Reading. Try a search for: multilingual word processor then limit the search by requiring it to have the word Arabic (try for the search)

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  9. Arabic Windows 95/98/NT and MS Arabic Office95/97/2000: Arabic windows 95/98/NT and Arabic office 97 (works with Arabic windows only) are available from mail order distributors outside the Arab world. For a distributor near you, check out Microsoft MiddleEast page. You can also use a search engine. Some retailers offer academic pricing. Office2000 runs on Latin Windows and supports Arabic, however, there is a localized version as well.

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  11. Reading Arabic on the Internet: There is some good news here as well. Currently, with MSIE 5 (minimal/custom setup, add Arabic support), you can view Arabic using Latin Windows 95/98 or NT 4. We have compiled a help page on How to read Arabic on the Internet using different operating systems. Check it out!

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  13. Arabic keyboards: Technically speaking, you don't need an Arabic keyboard to type Arabic. You do need to know which key corresponds to which letter though. Microsoft includes transparent Arabic stickers for your keyboard with Arabic windows. You can also buy these or an overlay from mail order vendors. Arabic-English keyboards are also available from mail order retailers at different prices and layouts (not all wordprocessors use the same layout). Search for "Arabic keyboard" as a phrase to get a retailer close to you.

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  15. Arabic drivers, software and hardware support: One thing for sure - We do not sell Arabic Windows/Office nor can we provide support. Your hardware manufacturer or retailer usually provide support for a certain period of time. Your software dealer or Microsoft (check the documentation) provide software support for original copies. Microsoft has a limited number of patches, drivers and knowledge base articles related to Arabic products at Microsoft MiddleEast page.

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  17. Arabic fonts for download: First of all, let's clear something: if you have English Windows and you run MS Word, you can't install an Arabic font and start typing in Arabic (this will work in office2000) - you need Arabic support on the operating system level or the application level. If you get MS Arabic Windows or MS Arabic office, a number of fonts come bundled with your software (office 97 CD has extra fonts in the value pack folder). Arabic language kit for Mac also comes with Arabic fonts and same for Nisus writer.
    Internet browsers with Arabic support usually include a few fonts as well. Proprietry software, like multilingual WPs, may not accept all fonts. There are very few free Arabic fonts available for download and some may not be legal. The best resource we are aware of is (has links to commercial and free fonts).

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  19. Arabic E-mail, chat and message boards in Arabic: If your operating system is Arabic enabled, this may be easy. Most mail packages that support rich text will display Arabic with some formatting glitches. Outlook express (free, comes with MSIE 5) for Win95/98 or NT4 supports Arabic on Arabic systems. Also, Outlook 97 (part of Office 97 Arabic) has Arabic support and so is Outlook2000. If you want web-based e-mail (similar to those offered by Yahoo, Hotmail etc), a number of sites now have free Arabic e-mail (supported by advertising and some other means). Among these are Maktoob , Bareed Ayna and Naseej e-mail. You can also use services like Yahoo or Hotmail if your system is Arabic-enabled. Make sure you read and understand the service agreement before you sign up for free e-mail.
    Arabic2000 operates three web-based message boards (Arabic enabled) about Arabic computing and e-publishing, e-business and Arabic language instruction. You can read posts without registering.
    As far as chat is concerned, or even news reader, more or less the same applies. See Al-saHa (chat with Arabic interface). See also next answer (most of the sites that offer e-mail and cards offer chat as well)

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  21. Arabic greeting/post cards: There are sites which specialize in Arabic/Islamic cards only. Other sites have all kinds of cards but do offer Arabic/Islamic cards on occasions. It depends on what features you want and how much advertising you or the recipient can deal with to be able to use the site. Interface language may also be an issue. Some of the sites that offer post/greeting cards: Beetaqa from Ayna, Fares Net, Islamic Art, Konouz cards, Maktoob cards and many others.

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  23. Arabic food recipes/ Arabic cuisine: Short of buying a good book or a CD-Rom, you can use a collection of internet resources to piece together some great recipes. Some resources are available at Al-Mashriq - The Levant (Lebanese, Palestinian and others), ArabicNews - Recipes (different countries).

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  25. Arabic poetry: We now have a collection of Arabic literature sites including Arabic poetry at Arabic Web Index - Art and Culture.

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  27. Arabic Search engines, Arabic Internet guides: We have a collection of these in our Arabic Web Index - search engines and Internet guides here at See also our Arabic Web Index (in Arabic).

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  29. Islamic resources: Qur'an, Hadith, prayer times ...: Arabic2000 hosts a special page about Islam with some basic info and a good selection of local and linked resources. You can find this page at: Islam - The Identity. Use your search engine for hundreds of other sites.

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  31. Y2K bug (year 2000 problem) and fix: Y2k bug refers to prblems that may arise from computer failure to roll over from 99 to 2000. Previous programs represented years in the date as two digits and allocated two place holders for that. The transition from "99" to "2000" may be interpreted as "00" (no space for the rest). Dates (time in general) enter in many transactions and control the operation of many equipment. Some systems are likely to stop functioning or do dangerous tasks on the basis of invalid/mis-interpreted date or time difference. PCs may not suffer that much and inmost cases, one should be able to reset the date (if hardware and operating system support it). You can learn more and download a fix from sites like Veritec.

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  33. Advertising and web promotion: There are many ways of getting extra exposure on the net. Ads and promotions fall into 3 categories: paid ads, link exchanges and affiliate programs. Paid ads cost depends on popularity and specialization of the target site. Link exchange programs (free) display as ad for every two or so you show. Depending on where they appear on a page, how many exist and so on, the outcome is very low (on average, one gets around 5 visits aka. click thro's - from every 1000 displays). Affiliate programs invite related sites to promote your site/products for a comission, which can be based on visits or sales.
    Arabic2000 offers paid ads. See our services for details. You can also advertise on countless number of sites ranging from specialized to search engines like Yahoo or Infoseek.
    The best link exchange program is probably MS LinkExchange.
    As for affiliate programs, you can achieve best by partnering with:
    1. Linkshare affiliate program
    2. ClickTrade - Set up your own affiliate program and reward your affiliates on a pay-per-click, lead or sale basis.
    Portals: AShoppingGuide - Get listed there!

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  35. Making money on the Internet with minimum effort: There are countless schemes on the net for making money. Here, we focus on those generated from your web site or your activity on the Internet. Note that many scams (misleading lies) exist as well, so be careful. You can offer space on your site for ads, become an affiliate to help sell products/services and get comissions, participate in surveys or other activities on the net.
    Here are some examples:
    1. LinkShare-Get Your Share! (choose many affiliate programs with central management)
    2. get paid while you surf the net (share personal profile, watch ads)
    4. more ... please check back soon

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  37. Searching for something/anything: Before you start searching, familiarize yourself with the search options and rules of the site. You can search Arabic200's site at our local search, search the web at our list of global web search, or use Search 4 Anything in general or to Search 4 news, Search 4 shopping, Search 4 cities and Search 4 travel. Try using different search sites to better results.

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  39. Arabic audio (Qur'an, nasheed, lectures on tape, Arabic songs etc): Some Arabic music sites also stock Qur'anic tapes and CDs but these are best found at our linked Islamic sites and sites therein. You'll find Qur'an recitation in real audio as well as lectures and nasheed. For Arabic songs, you can listen and /or buy at places like aramusic and many other sites.

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