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E-Type Jaguar Sebring GT hardtop

cover of the 1969 W&P Sebring GT Brochure

This is the exceptionally rare Sebring GT fastback hardtop for the E-Type Jaguar, which at £172 + VAT was the most expensive item on the Sebring GT price list. However, in an article in Cars and Car Conversions magazine in 1969, Len Pritchard initimated that some Jaguar dealerships had taken this accessory up and were selling it as a factory branded product. It came complete with a side lifting fuel filler cover and large rear boot panel, and with its buttresses the rear window bears just a slight resemblance to the later XJS.

The only surviving example known to the Register is this one, which belongs to the Collins family and was acquired some time ago in the family paint shop. It is damaged, missing part of the lower left support sill, and is missing its fuel filler cover, so will require quite a bit of skilled restoration work (and a suitable E-Type to wear it) but is still a very rare and possibly unique surviving piece of W&P and Jaguar history, as the moulds were destroyed in the nineteen eighties.

If you historically have ever owned one of these hardtops, or still have one, please email us using the link on the left.

This hardtop is currently for sale and was recently listed on uk ebay under item 220264850683.

please note that the Register has no connection to the vendor and "buyer beware" etc applies

below top: leading edge, below middle upper: W&P triangle window sticker? and rear boot interior, below middle lower: rear view (MG Y-type boot hinges) and Jaguar badging, below bottom: damaged edge

original W&P advert:


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