I am doing a PHD/or other doctoral level Qualification

Follow our simple guide to see if you need to apply.

1. Are you a UK or EU national?

Yes: You do not need to apply for an ATAS Certificate.

No: Please see question 2.

2. Does your subject  JACS Code begin with any of the codes listed below?

Yes: You must apply for your ATAS certificate before you apply for a visa or extension of stay.

No: You do not need to apply for an ATAS certificate.

Subjects allied to medicine

JACS codes beginning

  • B1 – Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
  • B2 – Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmacy
  • B9 – Others in Subjects allied to Medicine.

Biological Sciences

JACS codes beginning:

  • C1 – Biology
  • C2 – Botany
  • C4 – Genetics
  • C5 – Microbiology
  • C7 – Molecular Biology, Biophysics and Biochemistry
  • C9 – Others in Biological Sciences.

Veterinary sciences, agriculture and related subjects

JACS codes beginning:

  • D3 – Animal Science
  • D9 – Others in Veterinary Sciences, Agriculture and related subjects.

Physical Sciences

JACS codes beginning:

  • F1 – Chemistry
  • F2 – Materials Science
  • F3 – Physics
  • F5 – Astronomy
  • F8 – Physical and Terrestrial Geographical and Environmental Sciences
  • F9 – Others in Physical Sciences.

Mathematical and Computer Sciences

JACS codes beginning:

  • G1 – Mathematics
  • G2 – Operational Research
  • G4 – Computer Science
  • G7 – Artificial Intelligence
  • G9 – Others in Mathematical and Computing Sciences.


JACS codes beginning:

  • H1 – General Engineering
  • H2 – Civil Engineering
  • H3 – Mechanical Engineering
  • H4 – Aerospace Engineering
  • H5 – Naval Architecture
  • H6 – Electronic and Electrical Engineering
  • H7 – Production and Manufacturing Engineering
  • H8 – Chemical, Process and Energy Engineering
  • H9 – Others in Engineering.


JACS codes beginning:

  • J2 – Metallurgy
  • J4 – Polymers and Textiles
  • J5 – Materials Technology not otherwise specified
  • J7 – Industrial Biotechnology
  • J9 – Others in Technology.

JACS Code:

To confirm whether you need an ATAS certificate or not, you will need the relevant JACS code that applies to your course. Your University will either include this on your official letter or will be able to confirm it separately. Please do not contact us to ask which JACS code applies to your course. Only your University will be able to tell you this information.

Do not guess at which JACS code is relevant your studies. If you register with the wrong JACS code you cannot change. Please ensure you have the right JACS code before you start your application.

What Next if you need to apply for an ATAS certificate?

If you are a student:
You should only apply for an ATAS certificate AFTER you have received either a conditional or unconditional offer from a UK University. Please do not apply without this your application will be rejected. Please also have details of your modules you will be studying to hand as you will need this to make your application.

Read the Guidance Notes before you apply

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