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Week of August 28, 2008, Issue #671


The Bullshit Issue

Exposing the bullshit industry

‘We live in an era of unprecedented bullshit production,” writes Laura Penny to open her 2005 bestseller Your Call is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit. “Never in history have so many people uttered statements that they know to be untrue ... saying not what they actually believe, but what they want others to believe—not what is, but what works.” read more...


Making a living of bullshit detecting

Making a living of bullshit detecting

In 1987, a distinctive man looking like a suited Charles Darwin—or Santa—sat in The Tonight Show chair next to Johnny Carson to premiere a video clip. Usually such a setup is reserved for an actor on press tour, but paranormal investigator and world-famous magician James Randi, “The Amazing Randi,” was a guest promoting only truth. That is, the truth about TV faith healer Peter Popoff. read more...

Letters to the Editor

Vue Readers

Issues - Ending the CEMA sham


Dyer Straight - The missile defence scam

Nobody involved believes ABM bullshit, - GWYNNE DYER /

Tar sands an ET plot

Suffering from eco-anxiety? Don’t fret, blame the aliens - OMAR MOUALLEM /


Lose weight the hard way

Lose weight the hard way

I might as well start by apologizing in advance to everyone that I am about to offend. But seriously, “Lose Weight Easily” has got to be the dumbest, most inane and contradictory statement ever. I guess the millions of people whose fat rolls bounce happily along with each step choose to be that way ‘cause they like it, not ‘cause dieting or exercising is hard or time-consuming or just flat-out impossible sometimes. Google the phrase and you get 90 400 hits. Yikes. Maybe what’s even dumber is us, believing it over and over—and over again. And “Lose Weight Quickly” doesn’t fare much better on the stupidity scale.  read more...

Dish Weekly

Vue Staff

No 1 for summer

I Hardly Know ‘Er - Hanne Lynch /


Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!

Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!

Bullshit might be too strong a word, but Randall Stout’s $88-million-dollar redesign of the Art Gallery of Alberta is at least, I don’t know, bullspit. read more...

Art attack!

Art is awesome, but art bullshit stinks - MARY CHRISTA O'KEEFE /

Art of Living

Edmonton’s artists have to - DAVID BERRY /


The Edge of Heaven

The Edge of Heaven

The Edge of Heaven Written and directed by Fatih Akin Starring Baki Davrak, Nurgül Yesilçay, Patrycia Ziolkowska, Hanna Schygulla read more...

Dial ‘B’ for Bullshit

Four things about films that don’t deserve their reputations - Vue Staff

Film Capsules - Oil on Water

Opening This Week - JONATHAN BUSCH /

Film Capsules - Traitor

Opening This Week - JOSEF BRAUN /

Film Capsules - The Unknown Woman

Opening This Week - JONATHAN BUSCH /

Film Capsules - Death Race

Now Playing - OMAR MOUALLEM /

Film Capsules - The Rocker

Now Playing - DAVID BERRY /


The City Streets

The City Streets

Sometimes all the pieces fall into place without difficulty. Sometimes it all comes together and you’re off and running with the wind at your back. But sometimes—for the City Streets, anyway—life is just a little more difficult than that.  read more...

Christina Martin

Hearts and solo - MARY CHRISTA O'KEEFE /


Dropping a Log-wagon - CAROLYN NIKODYM /

The Mike Plume Band

Making up isn’t hard to do - CAROLYN NIKODYM /

40 Thieves

Stealing for fun - BRYAN BIRTLES /


Airbourne jet-setting across the world - LEWIS KELLY /


Sex Poll Survey Revue - Week 4

 People in bands have weirder sex than you do. It's a proven fact, not even worth arguing. Therefore, we figured that they might write some crazy songs about the crazy sex they're having, and you might enjoy likening your own sex life to their songs. So, without further ado, here are the results to Vue Weekly's latest Sex Survey Bonus Question: "What song by a local band best describes your sex life?" read more...

First Read Contest

Vue Staff