The Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches was founded in January of 1990. Prior to that time, there had been no association for career professionals to exchange information, enhance their skills, or demonstrate their commitment to providing professional services to the general public. Today, those who display the association's logo affirm their dedication to excellence in meeting client career goals. In addition, many members then choose to seek certification to further affirm their expertise as career professionals. For information on joining PARW/CC, please click here.

About PARW/CC Members
Association members include independent business owners, as well as non-profit career centers such as colleges and universities, military bases, workforce development offices, and state Departments of Labor. Their participation in PARW/CC demonstrates an on-going commitment to learning, exchanging ideas and information, and gaining the expertise to best help each client achieve their personal career goals. Working with a PARW/CC member is similar to hiring a personal advertising agency to market you successfully. The resume is your "sales message" that must stand out from the competition! Association members can guide you in targeting your message to appropriate employers through networking, targeted mailings, the Internet, your own career field's association, etc. Then, they help you prepare for the hiring interview so you stand out from the other finalists as the best choice for the available position.

Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW)
Are the career industry's leading experts in the development of strategic resumes. The purpose of the resume is to secure a personal interview from among the dozens or hundreds of applicants for a given position. Since 1991, CPRWs have demonstrated their knowledge, talent and writing expertise in meeting the industry standard of excellence and in serving the client's career interests.

Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP)
Represents association members who have undertaken specialized training to prepare their clients for the critical employment interview. From possibly hundreds of resumes, an employer will select perhaps 10 or so of the best candidates for personal interviews. Candidates who have practiced their interview skills and are best prepared for this decisive meeting will be more confident, relaxed, and able to make a positive presentation that leads to the job offer.

Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC)
The CPCC credential is awarded to those members who have completed the association's extensive training program to identify a client's life goals, ambitions and career options...and then design an appropriate career and job search activity plan to to achieve that goal. Career Coaching is a valuable resource not only to those actively seeking employment, but also those wanting to advance within their existing company; college graduates embarking on the first rung of their career ladder; and those involved in job transition to an entirely new field or who want to start their own business. In short, CPCC empowers clients to define their career dreams and aspirations in pursuit of a better, happier life.

The PARW/CC Membership Search
This search option allows you to locate an association member anywhere in North America, plus many countries throughout the world, without regard to certifications or credentials held.

How To Select and Use a PARW/CC Member
Use the search options above to select the level of member service appropriate to your career position and goals. If several members are available in your area, call each one to discuss their services, pricing, experience in your career field, availability to meet your deadline, etc. Choose the member you will feel most comfortable working with, and that gives you confidence in a successful relationship. Remember that this will be a collaborative effort. Your resume will be crafted from information you provide about your background, achievements, and responsibilities. The resulting document will reflect current standards and strategies applied to your unique history and your personal employment goals. Interview training can reveal weaknesses in a client's presentation that can be improved through practice. In short, you are choosing a career expert as a partner. Your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues may all offer career advice...but your PARW/CC member is the one career professional on your support team who has the knowledge, resources, and experience to best help you achieve your goal.

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