Sunday, 08 Jun 2008

Here's a quick update that makes it easier for newcomers to get the latest Nu. With this version, all of the examples in the Cocoa Programming with Nu repository should work, plus there are many other small enhancements detailed in the commit logs.

Available on the downloads page.

Cocoa Programming with Nu

Friday, 23 May 2008

To mark the release of the third edition of Aaron Hillegass's Cocoa Programming For Mac OS X, there is a new git repository on github to contain translated examples. To get started, I've posted an example from one of my favorite chapters, Chapter 28 (Web Services), and will add more over time. If you'd like to help, please do! Just fork the github repository, add your conversions, and send me a pull request. Let's see how quickly we can get this covered!

Here's the repository: Cocoa Programming With Nu.

What’s Nu?

Nu is an interpreted object-oriented language. Its syntax comes from Lisp, but Nu is semantically closer to Ruby than Lisp. Nu is implemented in Objective-C and is designed to take full advantange of the Objective-C runtime and the many mature class libraries written in Objective-C. Nu code can fully interoperate with code written in Objective-C; messages can be sent to and from objects with no concern for whether those messages are implemented in Objective-C or Nu.

Nu currently requires Mac OS X version 10.5 or greater and runs on PowerPC and Intel systems. Ports to Linux and the Apple iPhone are also available; contact me directly or visit my blog for more details.


Monday, 24 Mar 2008

This small release mainly brings in changes added for the iPhone and Linux ports, but also contains a few bug fixes and enhancements. With these changes, it is now possible to run the Nunja web server with the binary installed Nu.

Please see the commit logs for details. Available on the downloads page.

Announcing Nu: The Video

Friday, 21 Mar 2008

Many thanks to Jonathan Rentzsch for posting this video of my talk from last summer's C4[1] conference!


Nu on github

Tuesday, 18 Mar 2008

Along with the Nu git repository, there is a growing number of Nu-related projects on github.

Some of the projects that I've posted include:

  • Nunja, a libevent-based web server that I've tested on MacOS and Linux.
  • The NuPagePacker example Cocoa application.
  • A NuiPhone project containing an iPhone "Hello World" in Nu.
  • NuTcl, a wrapper for John Ousterhout's Tcl interpreter. You can use it to embed Tcl in a Nu/Objective-C application and create new Tcl commands with Nu. This has also been tested on both MacOS and Linux.
  • NuMySQL and NuPostgreSQL, primitive but usable interfaces to the MySQL and PostgreSQL database systems.
  • NuYAML, Patrick Thomson's YAML-processing package.
  • NuMarkdown, Grayson Hansard's Markdown package.

Patrick has also posted Nuki, early work to build a wiki with Nu, and Grayson recently posted NuSmartyPants, another text formatting package.

github is proving itself to be a great way to collaborate. Come join us!

Linux and the iPhone

Friday, 14 Mar 2008

The Nu git repository now contains all the source code and related build tools to build Nu for Linux and for the iPhone. iPhone support is currently for the simulator only, and so far, I have only tested Linux support on Ubuntu 7.10 running in VMware Fusion.

While there's a lot of interest in the iPhone, the Nu Linux support is what has me the most excited.


Apache License, v. 2.0

Wednesday, 12 Mar 2008

Effective today, Nu is released under the Apache License, v. 2.0.

The Apache license is preferred for its greater familiarity to corporate users and for its explicit inclusion of software patent licenses.

Also, the Nu git repository is now hosted on github.


Wednesday, 13 Feb 2008

There's a new binary release on the downloads page. It is built and tested for Apple's OS 10.5 only. Read on for a summary of the changes since Nu-0.2.4.



Wednesday, 12 Dec 2007

PagePacker is an impressive little Cocoa application that Aaron Hillegass wrote to assemble PDFs and other documents into small printable booklets. Last month Aaron released the Objective-C source code to PagePacker, and today I'm releasing an equivalent implementation of PagePacker in Nu.



Wednesday, 12 Dec 2007

See the downloads page for another small release. It was built on OS 10.4 and tested on OS 10.4 and 10.5. It contains two fairly significant additions and a couple of other minor enhancements.



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A Delicious Nu Screencast

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Monday, 12 Nov 2007

New Literal Forms in Nu

Wednesday, 17 Oct 2007

Escape Sequences in Nu Strings

Wednesday, 17 Oct 2007

Closures in Nu

Wednesday, 17 Oct 2007


Wednesday, 17 Oct 2007

Screen Savers and Plugins

Thursday, 11 Oct 2007

Markdown in Nu

Wednesday, 10 Oct 2007

Functional Aspects of Nu

Friday, 05 Oct 2007

New Example: Nib Files

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