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TestDrive Shutdown Notice

hp August 4, 2008

This note is intended to inform you about changes to the free developer access program called TestDrive. TestDrive has been providing valuable support to partners across the globe for more than 10 years. As with most products or services, there comes a time when an offering must end to make way for new developments. Effective September 30, 2008 HP will be shutting down the TestDrive program.

The main reason for the closure of TestDrive is to focus more on programs such as HP's Partner Virtualization Program (PVP) which offers a more flexible and robust service than TestDrive and we expect that you will be pleased with the support and features available through this program. One of the benefits of this new program is the ability for secure and privileged access to your own dedicated system.

HP PVP is one of many technical benefits and services available to HP's Developer & Solution Partner Program (DSPP) company members. The HP PVP has HP Integrity virtual servers running HP-UX 11i, Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), and Microsoft Windows. Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server will be added in August. An OpenVMS offering will be added when it is supported under HP Integrity VM. Both Micrsoft Windows and Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Novell SUSE Enterprise Server) are currently offered on ProLiant virtual servers. HP PVP provides the latest and greatest state of the art HP BladeSystem technology (BL870c featuring dual-core Intel Itanium 9000 series processors, BL460c featuring quad-core Intel Xeon processors) as hosts for your dedicated virtual machines.


HP PVP Frequently Asked Questions

For more information on how to join HP's DSPP program to continue to have access to HP system resources, visit the following link.


Join the HP DSPP program today and give HP PVP a TestDrive!

The following is the shutdown plan for TestDrive

  • Any user that is registered for an OpenVMS account in TestDrive at the end of September may keep their account and access to the OpenVMS cluster in TestDrive until we can add OpenVMS as an option in HP PVP.
  • There will be no plans for HP9000 server (PA-Risc) availability following TestDrive shutdown since HP9000 servers are not supported by HP Integrity VM.
  • TestDrive will shutdown on September 30, 2008. Access to system resources will be limited to the OpenVMS cluster as well as through HP PVP via the DSPP partner portal.

We hope you will look to the HP PVP program to support your needs for access to HP resources. We have many new features planned over the next year and we look forward continuing to support your testing and development needs.

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