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The Mourning Doves Coo
Begins Season Of Nesting and Feeding

The Mourning Doves Coo may sound sad, but bird watchers know it signals the beginning of this birds habits of nesting, claiming territory, and raising young.


Slimmer than pigeons and about 12 inches in length. Mourning Doves have a soft gray-brown body and a gray patch on the head.

Black dots on their wings and a single black spot behind and below the eyes.

A long tapered white-edged tail that is conspicuous in flight.

Feeding Habits

Common at bird feeders. Try scattering bird seed on a tray or platform feeder to aid in attracting them to your yard for a close up look. Cracked corn works well and is an inexpensive bird seed.

Mourning Doves birds prefer open land with scattered trees and shrubs.

Except for wetland and dense forest, mourning doves can be found most anywhere.

They are one of the most widespread and adaptable North American birds.

Heated Ground Bath
The best garden habitat includes open lawn, herbaceous borders, and flower beds, with scattered patches of trees and shrubs.Include a source of water close to the ground (see right) in addition to providing bird seed and you should be able to attract these birds all year.

Mourning Dove Nesting Habits

A loosely built nest of twigs, grass, weeds and pine needles.make up the nesting materials Doves use. In fact, this loose pile of twigs is so lightly put together that often you can see through it from the bottom.

If the Dove is startled and flies off the nest too quickly, the eggs could fall from the nest. Bird watchers would be wise to wait until the eggs have hatched before approaching any nest.

Nest abandonment is very common with these birds. If they feel any threat from predators whether human or animal, they may go elsewhere to nest abandoning both eggs and nestlings. Bird watchers need to exercise caution.

The nest can be found 5-25 feet above the ground, often in the crotch of a shrub or tree. Laying 2 white eggs that are incubated for 14-15 days. The young will leave the nest in 12-14 days.

Mourning Doves have been known to reuse the same nest for five sets of eggs in a single season. Usually 2 - 3 broods raised each season.

You can try attracting doves to nest near you by placing a Nesting Shelf attached to a tree or your house.

Mourning Doves Doves, along with Pigeons, produce a food called pigeon milk (not really milk) by glands in the crop of the adult bird. The parent opens its mouth wide, permitting the nestling to stick its head inside to feed on the nutritious food.

In the wild, the adult birds feed primarily on waste grain. These include corn, wheat, grass, and weed seeds.

You can attract these birds to your feeder by supplying white and red proso millet, oil-type sunflower seeds, and cracked corn.

Important Mourning Dove Nesting Information

Often emails from bird watchers arrive
Attract Robins, Doves, Phoebes and More With Our Nesting Shelf
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asking "Our dove has not left the nest in days, will she starve or die of thirst? What should we do?"

Unlike most birds, Doves incubate their eggs continually. Since the male and female look alike, it appears the same bird is incubating the eggs the whole time.

Actually, the male does a daytime shift and the female does the night shift. If you are not around during the change, it appears the same bird has been on the nest the whole time.

Not to worry, the switch was made while you were not looking.

One More Thing
Got an interesting story about Mourning Doves nesting and feeding in your backyard? Why not Share it With Our Visitors. Got pictures? We Love Pics - To share your story or read what others have said Click Here
Often people worry about when one of the birds die. These birds are perfect prey for cats because they feed mostly on the ground. Sometimes the surviving bird will attempt to incubate the eggs, or continue feeding the nestlings.

This is a difficult task for a single bird and often unsuccessful.

In due course, the surviving mate will find a new mate. Since they nest several times a season it's possible they will raise a successful brood in the same season. While it's sad to lose these birds in your yard, be comforted knowing they will mate again.


The average lifespan of first year doves is 1 - 1.5 years. First year doves have a mortality rate of 60 - 75 percent and adults have a mortality rate of 50 - 60 percent. For any songbird the first year of survival is the most difficult. Doves that survive their first year can live on average 4 - 5 years.

Predators include: birds, snakes, squirrels, cats and hunters.

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I have learned so much about my doves here from all your wonderful stories! All the other sites just tell about incubation and nesting times.

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As I write this I am sitting here crying. My grown daughter says that is silly, that it's only nature, but I just can't help it.

Would like to know ...

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Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful way to start a day. We have a baby dove. Birth at 9:10a.m. Dallas Time and my friend and I were watching.

The mother ...

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I was outside on my deck one morning and a bird landed right beside me. I put out my hand and he climbed on it.

After a few minutes I put him back ...

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Penny and Benny

I observed a pair of mourning doves hanging out on the fire escape across the way from my 6th floor apartment in Greenwich ...

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We had two babies nestled in the bend of the tree in our back yard. Finally, they were old enough to fly.

However, they do find their own food and ...

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I have been taking care ...

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To an even bigger amazement of mine,...

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Mourning Doves nested in a hanging plant that hangs a couple of feet from the window in our den. We ...

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Recent high winds blew part of our patio cover off.

We have had mourning doves in our yard in the past but they never nested where we could see them....

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Every year, it seems I have some sort of bird nest where I really don't want it, ferns, plants, my exhaust pipes,...here is a pic of the newest one....on ...

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Just got back from being out of town and first thing I notice was that my plants were suffering from lack of water.

I live on the top floor of my complex ...

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I went away for 5 days and when I returned found no one sitting on ...

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We had noticed some activity of doves flying in and out of our garage. We had closed the garage door and then when we reopend it our dove became very ...

Mourning Doves On My Porch  starstarstarstarstar
For the last two years my family and I have had a family of mourning doves nesting in a hanging plant on my front porch.

My husband, kids and I enjoy ...

Found Dove In Hanging Plant  starstarstarstarstar
I don't know who was more startled, me or the dove. I went to water my plants one day and watered the dove, who flew away quite upset with me.

I left ...

Dove Nesting On Light Fixture  starstarstarstarstar
I have a Mourning Dove nesting in my hanging light fixture on my back porch. She has been nesting for a couple of weeks and her babies are ready to hatch....

Doves In Patio Covering  starstarstarstarstar
I love this site! Thank you. I am a huge bird-lover (cat and dog lover, too). Have 2 humming bird hangers in our small'ish Irvine, CA backyard.

I ...

Doves In Porch Plant Hanger  starstarstarstarstar
This dove is nesting on my front porch side wall.People are walking very close to that hanging planter and she (he)are OK with that. One small problem ...

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The bird that was nesting this morning seems to had ...

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I have had three sets of nesting doves so far this season. The first brood was successful in my wooden cat planter.(Ironic)

The little ones matured ...

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Mourning Doves Nest Year After Year Atop Our Automatic Garage Door Opener

Since 2003 we have had pairs of Mourning Doves nesting atop the motor for ...

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How great to have found your website with all that wonderful information. I, too, was worried that the same bird would starve since I thought it was always ...

Doves in my Basil  starstarstarstarstar
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I thought I saw a funny looking piece ...

Mourning Dove in my Candle  starstarstarstarstar
My Name is Jayson and I am 8 years old and I have discovered I have a Morning Dove sitting in my moms candle on my back porch.

I have been calling ...

Doves On Skinny Ledge  starstarstarstarstar
To my surprise I have a couple of doves nesting on a very slim ledge on top of one of the tall pillars that stands by our front door.

There is hardly ...

Satellite Nesting Doves  starstarstarstarstar
First time I noticed a pair of doves nesting is when the picture on the tv was going on and off.

I went upstairs looked out of the bedroom window, and ...

Dove on Garage Door Opener.  starstarstarstarstar
LoveyDovey built her nest about 2 weeks ago on our door opener. We are pretty sure her mate (found a dead dove in the yard) was killed in a hail storm ...

Doves On Light Fixture.  starstarstarstarstar
Three or four years ago two doves nested on the light fixture on my second floor balcony. Fascinating, watching them take turns minding the nest.

My ...

Dove Nesting On Ladder.  starstarstarstarstar
One day I went out into the backyard to find a bunch of twigs and sticks on my ladder.

At first I thought it was kind of funny but figured what the ...

Doves Nested Then Abandoned  starstarstarstarstar
We have a hanging planter on our front porch and noticed a dove sitting on her eggs when my husband went to sit on our front porch.

The dove and her ...

Picture of nesting mourning dove  starstarstarstarstar
I have had a Mourning Dove nesting in my flower box for a week. I put food and water out. It let's me get pretty close to it.

My Babies  starstarstarstarstar
My stepdad is a maintence man at a large condo home structure. He had called my mom and told her about these two baby Mourning Doves. They were in the ...

Unbreakable Bond  starstarstarstarstar
The love of a mourning dove.

I was startled by a loud thump this afternoon to find that a dove rammed into my front door.

Sadly, she was injured....

Doves Decorating Patio Entertaining Grandchildren  starstarstarstarstar
A little over a year ago we noticed a pair "checking out" a little nook in our patio, on top of a 4X6.

Soon they were busy building a nest. It seemed ...

In My Hanging Plant  starstarstarstarstar
Yesterday, I noticed a dove nesting in my hanging plant, which hangs from the eave of my ramada, or outdoor patio.

Unfortunately, one of my cats noticed ...

Doves Nesting In Plant Container  starstarstarstarstar
I was wondering for a few days why every time I opened the front door a dove would fly away...Then I discovered that they had built a nest in where I had ...

Doves Nesting On Patio Ceiling Fan  starstarstarstarstar
We live in Florida. Our back patio and yard face a small pond.

Wildlife are always plentiful by the pond, especially mornings. We regularly see Herons,...

Arrival Of The Doves  starstarstarstarstar
Not really much of a 'story'. One day in early March as I sit and watch tv, I hear that warm-feeling sound.

I think, it can't be, they're too early,...

Dove in Pecan Tree   starstarstarstarstar
I have an upstairs art studio where I often work in a corner of two sliding glass doors.

My dove is nesting literally just an arm's length from there ...

Mourning Doves Nesting on my Window Sill  starstarstarstarstar
A few years ago, I noticed 2 mourning doves trying to build a nest on my brick bedroom window sill.

The female would stand on the slanted sill and wait ...

Morning Doves Nesting In My Hanging Plants.  starstarstarstarstar
I found doves nesting at my house. I came across them when watering my hanging plants that hang well above the ground but just off of my front entrance ...

Front Door Nest  starstarstarstarstar
A pair of doves built a nest on the wreath which was hanging on our front door. We were not able to use our front door for weeks, while we waited.

They ...

Mouring Doves At My Window.  starstarstarstarstar
I have a sad story to tell.

We put siding on our house. The workers took down our window boxes because they were old and falling down.

I knew the ...

Mixed Up Dove  starstarstarstarstar
My wife has a way with domestic and wild animals that is almost unbelievable. One day she decided to raise some chickens, actually laying hens, for the ...

The baby that flew before he could fly  starstarstarstarstar
This past weekend my husband and I decided to cut down a very large locust tree in our front yard. When my husband climbed the tree to examine the cutting ...

Dove Nest On Front Door  starstarstarstar
We live in Houston, TX and have experienced a long, hot summer. Fortunately, we have a small porch which keeps the shade on the front entrance.

Our ...

Father Dove Abandon Baby Doves  starstarstarstar
Hi, The mourning dove nest is above my porch.
This morning daddy dove got spooked by my husband shaking a table cloth!

Two baby doves have been alone ...

Baby Dove Abandoned By Parents  Not rated yet
We have a two mourning doves (Mr and Mrs Dovely) that have layed 4 sets of eggs in our flower box on our deck.

This time the baby dove fell out of the ...

My doves Dexter and Daxter  Not rated yet
On one hot day i asked my parents if i could go swimming.So while i was wallking i saw on the street two baby birds and cars wher passing by fast so i ...

Doves Under Japanese Maple  Not rated yet
I have had two Doves in my front flowerbed for two days now. They spend most of the day under a Japanese Maple. I have read that the two trade off, but ...

Doves in Hanging Plant  Not rated yet
I have doves nesting in a hanging plant on my apartment patio for a few weeks now. I first noticed them attempting to make a nest one day.

The next ...

The Twins  Not rated yet
The twin morning doves were born in a nest over my Grandma's little barn. They made their nest on top of a big grape vine wreath.

This is the second ...

Doves Giving Me An Education!  Not rated yet
We came back from a vacation, and was catching up on the yard watering when we discovered a dove nesting in one of our wall mount planters.

We watched ...

Doves Take Over Manhattan Air Conditioner  Not rated yet
Our NYC apartment looks out on a beautiful, green area that comprises the backyards of a dozen homes. It is rich with bird life.

A few days ago we ...

Doves Nesting on our Patio Ceiling Fan  Not rated yet
A couple of months ago my husband and I were startled from a bird flying from our patio ceiling fan after we had turned on the light the fans came on and ...

Benny and Penny Starting New Family  Not rated yet
After the two squabs left the nest, one of them hung around nearby for about a week on the fire escape of my apartment (opposite the nest next to the flowerpot)...

More Babies!  Not rated yet
Hi - the first set of babies flew away in about a week's time. We coudn't see them at first and then started seeing feathers underneath the parents. The ...

Doves Nesting On My TV  Not rated yet
Great story goes on. A couple of months ago my roommate told me of a dove nesting in our patio where we have an outside TV mounted near the ceiling.

I ...

Doves Babies Still in Fake Palm Tree  Not rated yet
On June 5 I wrote telling about my story of mom and dad making nest in our fake palm tree. She had babies about 2 weeks ago.

They have grown so quickly ...

Third Set Of Nesting Doves  Not rated yet
We had a store bought nest under the covered part of our deck and it has been there since we bought the house - about 6 years ago.

Just this year we ...

Baby Doves Different Directions  Not rated yet
I am the lady in Tucson Az that wrote the story about How my Male Dove protected his 2 babies, I wrote back and added they were back nesting for the 2nd ...

Dove Nesting in Palm Trunk  Not rated yet
A year and half ago we moved into a new home. We have a medium size palm tree near our pool and directly next to our path to the barn.

Last year I noticed ...

Doves Nesting In Patio Umbrella  Not rated yet
For the past 7 years, we have had a pair of doves nesting in our back yard. They started out making their nests in a potted ficus tree by our back door....

Doves Nesting In Orchid Pot  Not rated yet
This nest is in an orchid pot just outside our dining room window, in front of our front door. The doves don't seem to be disturbed by our coming and ...

Ivy Plant Take-Over  Not rated yet
My husband had no more than hung his favorite ivy plant on the porch which is protected from the rain when a mourning dove sat right down in it.

Her ...

Dove Nesting On Rainspout  Not rated yet
I am not sure if it is the same doves every year but .....they nest where the rainspout meets the wall.

About 8 - 10 feet high. 2 babies 3 - 5 times ...

Doves Nesting in Ceiling Fan on Patio  Not rated yet
About 3 weeks ago, we noticed a bird nest and bird inside the top part of our ceiling fan. We weren't not sure what type of bird it was.

Searching ...

Great Experience  Not rated yet
Just read with interest the facts re: morning doves sitting on the nest. I have a nest in my Honey Suckle vine attached to my small patio.

It seemed ...

Doves Begin Third Nesting  Not rated yet
We have a tall shrub right outside our family room window and we have had a great Spring season watching our set of mourning doves. I have 2 daughters ...

Dive Bombing Dove  Not rated yet
My friend and neighbour up the road has an evergreen in her front yard close to the house. One morning her husband was doing some gardening around the ...

Destroyed Nest  Not rated yet
I had a pair that nested on my patio. I have a column on my patio that has about an 18" ledge.

The pair quite happy in their home but, last night I ...

Doves in Basket by Front Door  Not rated yet
Hanging right by my front door, next to a railing, and I have 2 cats. One was sleeping in her bed right under the basket, with the mourning dove sitting ...

First time with nesting doves  Not rated yet
I was so excited to find this site yesterday and hear the great stories.

We have a pair of doves nesting on a pillar on our front porch. It's been fun ...

Our Garage Nesting Doves  Not rated yet
One day I noticed a bird in our garage. I didn't think much of it because our garage is always open except at night.

One day my son noticed a nest ...

Doves Nesting In Fern Plant   Not rated yet
I noticed the nest a couple of weeks ago when I went to water my fern. Its at eye level, and easily seen.

I watched them everyday. They would switch ...

Dove Injured On Shepherds Hook  Not rated yet
I have a shepherds hook for bird feeders with two hooks of differing heights.

I noticed something odd hanging from the feeder pole and it was a mourning ...

An Unusual Male Dove  Not rated yet
Since Feb of this year (2008) there is a male dove that frequents my yard daily (he has a special pink birth mark on his neck and that is how I know it ...

I Named Her Sweetness  Not rated yet
One day I was watering the topiaries on my front patio when all of a sudden I noticed that there was a mourning dove nestling in my lion's head wall fountain!...

One Remaining Dove  Not rated yet
I have been thrilled to observe a pair of doves building a nest in a blue spruce about ten feet away from my deck. They started incubating yesterday.

This ...

UPPER DUPLEX  Not rated yet
Last year a robin built a nest adjacent to my front door.It had eave support and roof protection.

It was a neat little abode which was abandoned once ...

Help! They're sitting in my strawberries!  Not rated yet
After returning from a weekend trip, mourning doves have moved into my hanging strawberry basket on my back deck.

I can't see any eggs, nor evidence ...

Mourning Dove Nesting In My Empty Flower Pot  Not rated yet
About two weeks ago I discovered a Dove sitting in an empty flower pot on my patio. I feel so excited and blessed that I get to witness this beautiful ...

Doves On 4 Inch Beam  Not rated yet
We have a pair of very devoted doves sharing our porch and driveway/garage corner.

We had finches with 4 eggs in one corner and the doves right over ...

Robin Eggs In Dove Nest  Not rated yet
The nest was constructed by a Robin. Once complete, day one of laying eggs, the Robin laid one.

Day two the dove was in the nest forcing the Robin to ...

Doves Returning Every Year.  Not rated yet
The first time they nested in my hanging basket, it was a shock to us both when I started to water the plant.

I just let the plant die that year because ...

Doves In Abandoned Flower Pot  Not rated yet
I live in Hazelwood. MO, just north of St. Louis. I own a small condo with an enclosed backyard.

I have 3 cats, 2 of which love to go out in the back ...

Doves Nesting On Patio Bar  Not rated yet
We had the great experience of watching Mourning Doves build a nest on top of our covered-patio bar.

We talked to them gently from day one and they ...

Doves Nest In Rain Gutter  Not rated yet
When we built our house, we included a covered porch in the back into which a gutter from the roof of our house enters about 3 feet.

The doves have ...

Mourning Doves in Door Wreath  Not rated yet
We have a dried flower and wheat wreath on our front door in which we have discovered a nesting pair of doves.

When one of the doves is in the nest,...

Morning Dove White Fronted Dove.   Not rated yet
I awoke this morning, opened my blinds, and there in my balcony box between my arugula and cilantro, was a beautiful black spotted brown Dove. Not wanting ...

Dove Nest On Bath Window  Not rated yet
After we finish our showers in the morning we leave the window open for ventilation.

One morning we heard the doves, which usually hang around near ...

Baby Hatchling In Pond Waterfall  Not rated yet
We found this Mom? Dad? nesting in our waterfall of our pond. We didnt have the heart to turn on the waterfall.

Today we found at least one baby and ...

Doves Force Robins Out  Not rated yet
I had a plastic hanging pot that had soil in it from last summer. When the plant was finished, I pulled it and inserted bright colored silk flowers.

This ...

Doves In Grapevine Wreath  Not rated yet
On our main door to come into the house I have a large grapevine wreath with flowers around it.

I walked by it 2 days ago and a mourning dove flew out ...

Windowsill Mourning Doves  Not rated yet
Mourning Doves are nesting on my windowsill beside the front door. The windowsill is lined with pinecones in order to deter the cat from jumping up and ...

Doves Nesting In Eaves  Not rated yet
We have a pair of doves that have set up a nest in the eaves. It is so soothing to hear them coo.

They are both the same coloring with the familiar ...

Mourning Doves On My Porch  Not rated yet
I nailed a plastic potted plant tray to my porch wooden balcony wall and I put out seed each day. Black-eyed junkos, sparrows and, to my delight, two pairs ...

Statue nest  Not rated yet
Nest is a week old...

Comment By:
Woodbridge, VA USA

We have a family of Morning Doves, they actually take turns nesting each other's eggs....

Doves Cans Survive  Not rated yet
We had a garage door put up in front of our house and the garage is open in the back where I can go in an out to do my wash or get supplies as we need ...

Doves Nesting on a Fence  Not rated yet
We,ve always seen and heard mourning doves in our yard on Staten Island, New York, where we,ve lived for 34 years.

About two weeks ago we noticed one ...

Mourning Dove Nesting In My Impatients  Not rated yet
A week ago, after finishing a spruce up of my front porch, I purchased 2 hanging Impatient plants and put them out.

After 4 days, I went to water them ...

Third Time's a Charm  Not rated yet
My husband thinks I'm strange because I'm always rescuing something -- stray cats, turtles in the road, toads, lost dogs, etc.

Now, I'm helping birds!...

Visitors Welcome!  Not rated yet
My newest neighbors live outside of my bedroom window on my balcony. They are nesting in a flower pot filled with dirt.

I welcome them but my condo ...

Doves - Nesting on my ladder  Not rated yet
I painted my dinning and kitchen Monday April 7th, and put the ladder outside in the patio (forgetting to place back in the garage).

Two days later ...

Mourning Doves on My Balcony  Not rated yet
First discovered Friday, April 11th (one egg). A second egg could be seen on Saturday, April 12th during the afternoon "change of guard".

I've witnessed ...

Doves on Two Story Column  Not rated yet
For the second year in a row the doves have nested on top of one of our front porch columns.

This year the mother must have met with a predator since ...

Nesting Mourning Dove (Male)  Not rated yet
Found Dove had made a nest on my shelving unit on my front porch. Later found there was (1) one egg in nest, (now there are (2) two).

I was worried ...

Mouring Doves In Balcony Plant  Not rated yet
I was watering my balcony plants about two weeks ago when a bird revved up from one of my palm plants.

It startled me, as the bird passed very close ...

Doves In Hanging Basket  Not rated yet
"Our" doves hatched yesterday!

It was exciting to watch the two baby doves pecking at each other and at their mother - or dad - whichever one was on ...

Doves Nesting In Breezeway Planter  Not rated yet
April 11th, 2008

Hi Ya'll,

My wife thought this set of doves were a fake bird that I had placed in the planter.

It was really funny when we found ...

Lovey's Nest On Gazebo  Not rated yet
One day in very late March, I was out on the deck and noticed that some brush had blown up and gotten stuck in the cross pieces of the gazebo.

The next ...

Our Family Of Doves  Not rated yet
One day last spring I notices a nest in one of my potted plants that is on my balcony.

I decided to leave the nest there not knowing at the thime whether ...

Happy Spring!  Not rated yet
I begun to hear the peaceful hum of mourning doves in early March. But, it wasn't until Easter morning when I decided to pop open the windows for the first ...

Windowsill Dove Nesting  Not rated yet
My story starts about 18 years ago, when my daughter was 8 years old.

One day in April we heard a woo coming from outside her window. When we looked,...

Doves Nesting In My Schefflera On Balcony  Not rated yet
I have a Schefflera plant on my third story balcony. I go out there frequently to water my plants.

The other day I noticed a nest in my plant but no ...

When Me And Birds Cross Paths  Not rated yet
I had Killdeer, Blue Jays, Crows, and Mourning doves nest all around my home.

The sad thing is all of them were either hurt or abandoned. Every-time ...

Mourning Dove Using Robin Nest Several Years  Not rated yet
We moved into our home 3 years ago in April(0'5) and on top of a window ledge were some Robins nesting.

When they left the nest we never climbed up ...

Update on Astro Nut  Not rated yet
It is now Tuesday September 11, 2007 and I have good news for the ending of my story on Astro Nut, The baby that flew before he could fly.

He flew across ...

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