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RUC-AMDAR statistics validated against 1-h forecasts from the operational RUC model (which covers the Contiguous U. S.). Summary statistics are available to all; interactive statistics are restricted to those with access to real-time aircraft data.

GFS-AMDAR statistics validated against 3-h forecasts from the operational GFS model (which covers the entire world). Summary and interactive statistics for data more than 48 hours old are available to all; plan-view of GFS-AMDAR differences are restricted to those with access to real-time aircraft data.

NWS Forecast Discussions involving AMDAR

Sounding Statistics for aircraft ascents and descents at all airports served by reporting aircraft, listed by week.

Selected Technical Reports and Studies

Demonstration of AMDAR data display (available to all, no current data):

Full AMDAR data display (restricted to NOAA and certain other sites)
If this restricted site is not letting you in, and you believe it should, follow this link to we see you as....

Interactive soundings from RUC analyses and forecasts
(Past 36 hours and up to 36 hours into the future), also RAOB, and Profiler data (requires Java)

Soundings from the RUC Analysis (Current and past 16 hours) (non-Java)

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