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Our Core Purpose


  • We provide an independent voice to enable Mission Success

Core Values - What We Stand For



  • We value individual and organizational honesty, consistency and credibility
  • We ensure independence of thought and are willing to take tough stands
  • We can be counted on to do what we say


  • We value our diversity and respect each other’s contributions – together we are greater than our individual parts
  • We build partnerships based on trust, respect and responsiveness
  • We value knowledge sharing and open communication


  • We are passionate about delivering innovative, value-added services
  • We consistently exceed our customer’s expectations
  • We proactively seize opportunities to enhance mission success

Vision - Our Picture of the Ideal Future


We play a vital role in mission success!

  • We are recognized as NASA’s premier S&MA organization
  • We are highly sought after for our leadership and expertise
  • We deliver relevant, valuable S&MA services and innovative solutions to missions
  • Projects engage us early to provide essential support throughout the lifecycle
  • We assure GSFC delivers safe, reliable and high quality systems
  • We are helping GSFC increase the number of credible, winning proposals
  • We are a high performing organization!
  • We have a diverse, committed, well-trained and productive workforce
  • We have an integrated, cohesive organization with clear roles and responsibilities
  • We operate seamlessly with good communication at all levels of the organization
  • We use effective processes and state-of-the-art tools
  • We have successful partnerships with our customers and partners
  • We are known as a great place to work

Strategic Goals Our Focus for the Next 3 Years


  • Goal #1: Attract, develop and retain a diverse, high quality, motivated workforce
  • Goal #2: Standardize and improve S&MA and GSFC project support processes
  • Goal #3: Develop a strong, cohesive S&MA organization
  • Goal #4: Strengthen external relationships to improve mission success


  • SMA (300)
    • Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) Is committed to ensuring the highest probability of mission success. SMA is responsible for the overall management and implementation of GSFC policy in the areas of systems safety and mission assurance. LOGO