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08.08.08 - News
Listen to the "Great Planet Debate"

08.04.08 - News
MESSENGER Team Delivers Mercury Flyby 1 Data to Planetary Data System

06.12.08 - Newsletter
The current issue of the Discovery and New Frontiers Quarterly Newsletter is now online.

05.13.08 - News
Send Your Name Into Space on Kepler

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Upcoming Mission Events

Moon Mineralogy Mapper Launch Aboard Chandrayaan-1
September 19, 2008

MESSENGER 2nd Mercury Flyby
October 2008

Kepler Launch
February 2009

Dawn Mars Gravity Assist
February 2009

MESSENGER 3rd Mercury Flyby
September 2009

EPOXI flyby of comet Hartley 2
October 2010

MESSENGER Mercury Orbit Insertion
March 2011

Dawn Arrives at Vesta
August 2011

GRAIL Launch
September 2011


In space exploration, the possibilities for discovery are without limits. Even with the vast amount of knowledge gained since exploration of our solar system began, there are still more questions than answers.

NASA's Discovery Program gives scientists the opportunity to dig deep into their imaginations and find innovative ways to unlock the mysteries of the solar system. It represents a breakthrough in the way NASA explores space, with lower-cost, highly focused planetary science investigations designed to enhance our understanding of the solar system.

All completed Discovery missions have achieved ground-breaking science within strict cost and schedule limitations, each taking a unique approach to space exploration. Reaching into the unknown, doing what's never been done before, and driving new technology innovations that may also improve life on Earth - this is NASA's Discovery Program.

Looking Back, Moving Forward

The Discovery Program's 15th anniversary science conference brought together more than 180 planetary scientists, project and mission managers, and educators to review successes, challenges and future goals of NASA's innovative Discovery missions. Held Sept. 19-20, 2007, in Huntsville, Alabama, the event was hosted by NASA's Planetary Science Division and the Discovery Program Office at Marshall Space Flight Center.

"Discovery@15 - Looking Back, Moving Forward" provided a unique forum for the exchange of experiences, discoveries and new ideas for future missions among program participants and the next generation of mission managers and scientists. It was the first time such a vast collection of Discovery talents gathered in one place, representing eight NASA centers, nine industry partners and 18 academic institutions.

Click here for video podcasts of the conference presentations and panel sessions.

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