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Giovanni Air Quality Instance now available
Fine Particulate Matter for August 25, 2007 over New EnglandA new Giovanni instance dedicated to air quality related data is now available.  The instance includes global aerosol and cloud data from MODIS, global aerosol data from OMI, and the AIRNow Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) ground-based monitoring product for the continental United States.
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NASA GES DISC Imagery in Google Earth
Google Earth ThumnailThe GES DISC Google Earth portal displays GES DISC data in Google Earth to facilitate scientific research. The data includes 2D flat data such as TRMM, AIRS/Aqua, and 3D vertical data such as CloudSat, CALIPSO, AIRS/Aqua and MODIS/Aqua.
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Hydrology DISC supports GLDAS data product
Sample GLDAS soil moistureThe new Hydrology DISC (HDISC) portal provides access and support for the Global Land Data Assimilation Systems (GLDAS).
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09.09.08 - Ike Moves Over Cuba, Heads to the Gulf
As of 2:00 pm EST September 9th, Hurricane Ike has a forward speed to 12 mph heading in the West/Northwest direction with a wind speed of 75 mph and is located at approximately 22.7N, 83.4W with a central pressure of 970 mb. Hurricane Ike headed to Cuba as a category 3 storm initially and has w...

Hurricane Ike MODIS Terra 09-08-2008 Hurricane Ike Merged IR animation on 09-07-2008 Hurricane Ike TRMM 3B42RT data from 09-06 to 09-09 Hurricane Ike QuikSCAT image 09-09-2008

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09.04.08 - HIRDLS Version 004 Atmospheric Products Now Released (Aug 4, 2008)
The version 4 of level 2 HIRDLS Product 'HIRDLS2 version 2.04.19)' is now available. At this time, Temperature, O3, HNO3, CFC-11, CFC-12, Cloudtop Pressure and Aerosol Extinction are available. For more information please see the link below.
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09.03.08 - Precipitation Animation of Hurricane Gustav and The Tropical Atlantic Region
Animations were created using the TRMM 3B42RT data of the Accumulated Rainfall parameter using the GES DISC TRMM Online Visualization and Analysis System (TOVAS)(, which contains TRMM rainfall products, near-real-time 3-hourly, Multi-Satellite Precip...

Hurricane Gustav TRMM 3B42RT Accumulated Rainfall Animation Active Atlantic Tropical Region 3B42RT Accumulated Rainfall animation
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09.02.08 - High Point Of The Season Proves To Be Active!
As Gustav becomes a tropical depression all eyes turn now to an extremely busy Atlantic region. As high time has come upon us for the hurricane season, storms develop across the Atlantic region just north of the ITCZ (Intertropical Convergence Zone). As of 11:00 am EST we have 3 named storms st...

TS Hanna MODIS Terra 250m 09-01-2008 Hurricane Gustav MODIS Terra 250m 09-01-2008 Hurricane Gustav Merged IR data 08-31-2008
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09.02.08 - MergedIR Animation Shows the Atlantic Storms Movement
An animation created using the Merged IR data which is a Globally-merged (60N-60S) pixel-resolution IR brightness temperature data (equivalent blackbody temps), merged from all available geostationary satellites (GOES-8/10, METEOSAT-7/5 & GMS). The data is available by ftp from the GES DISC (ht...

Tropical Storms animation of Merged IR data 08-31-2008 Tropical Storms in the Atlantic MergedIR data on 23 Z 08-31-2008 MODIS Terra 250m Tropical Storms across the Atlantic
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