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Water Resources of Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia

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Welcome to the homepage of the Maryland-Delaware-District of Columbia Water Science Center of the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Here, you can find information about our projects, publications, and other activities. We also maintain and monitor a network of real-time data-collecting sites throughout the region.

Read our Science Strategy to learn more about our goals and operations.

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Visit this page for news and information about seminars and other events being held at the MD-DE-DC Water Science Center

Monthly Water Conditions Summary

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August 2008 : USGS Maryland-Delaware-DC Monthly Water Conditions Summary

Water Data

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To view monthly ground water levels, streamflow statistics, and other information about the water resources of the area, visit our Water Data page.


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StreamStats MD
StreamStats DE

StreamStats is map-enabled Web application that can provide users with streamflow statistics, basin characteristics, and other information for USGS data-collection stations and for ungaged sites. Users can select data-collection station locations shown on a map interface and obtain previously published information for the stations. Users can also select any location along a stream and obtain the drainage-basin boundary, basin characteristics, and estimated streamflow statistics for the location.

USGS Hot Topics

2007 Annual Data Report
The 2007 Annual Data Report is now available.

Instantaneous Data Archive
Access historical instantaneous streamflow data with the new USGS online database: Instantaneous Data Archive (IDA)

 New Publications Available Online

CIRC 1316 Cover PageSIR 2007-5165
Lorah and others, Microbial Consortia Development and Microcosm and Column Experiments for Enhanced Bioremediation of Chlorinated Volatile Organic Compounds, West Branch Canal Creek Wetland Area, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, 92p.

CIRC 1316 Cover Page CIRC 1316
Scott W. Phillips, Editor, Synthesis of U.S. Geological Survey Science for the Chesapeake Bay Ecosystem and Implications for Environmental Management, 71p.

SIR 2007-5249 Cover Page SIR 2007-5249
By Daniel J. Soeder, Jeff P. Raffensperger, and Mark R. Nardi, Effects of Withdrawals on Ground-Water Levels in Southern Maryland and the Adjacent Eastern Shore, 1980-2005, 94p.

  New Online Posters Available

Streamflow and Water-Quality Monitoring in Montgomery County, Maryland
By Brenda Majedi, Cherie Miller, Anthony Modugno, Bill Davies

For more posters, visit our Online Poster Index.

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01661500: Flow=46cfs,Stage=1.98ft,2008-06-09 08:30,>90,ST MARYS RIVER AT GREAT MILLS, MD 01653600: Flow=61cfs,Stage=3.51ft,2008-06-09 08:30,>90,PISCATAWAY CREEK AT PISCATAWAY, MD 01646000: Flow=80cfs,Stage=3.61ft,2008-06-09 09:15,>90,DIFFICULT RUN NEAR GREAT FALLS, VA 01493000: Flow=30cfs,Stage=2.17ft,2008-06-09 08:15,>90,UNICORN BRANCH NEAR MILLINGTON, MD 01585100: Flow=1.4cfs,Stage=3.25ft,2008-06-09 08:30,<10,WHITEMARSH RUN AT WHITE MARSH, MD 03078000: Flow=112cfs,Stage=1.52ft,2008-06-09 07:00,76-90,CASSELMAN RIVER AT GRANTSVILLE, MD 03076600: Flow=101cfs,Stage=2.29ft,2008-06-09 07:30,76-90,BEAR CREEK AT FRIENDSVILLE, MD 03066000: Flow=201cfs,Stage=2.50ft,Floodstage=20ft,2008-06-09 06:00,76-90,BLACKWATER R AT DAVIS, WV 01653000: Flow=46cfs,Stage=1.52ft,2008-06-09 09:30,76-90,CAMERON RUN AT ALEXANDRIA, VA 01646500: Flow=13000cfs,Stage=4.26ft,Floodstage=10ft,2008-06-09 08:45,76-90,POTOMAC RIVER NEAR WASH, DC LITTLE FALLS PUMP STA 01643500: Flow=78cfs,Stage=1.77ft,2008-06-09 06:30,76-90,BENNETT CREEK AT PARK MILLS, MD 01643000: Flow=718cfs,Stage=2.97ft,Floodstage=15ft,2008-06-09 07:45,76-90,MONOCACY RIVER AT JUG BRIDGE NEAR FREDERICK, MD 01638500: Flow=9860cfs,Stage=3.56ft,Floodstage=16ft,2008-06-09 08:45,76-90,POTOMAC RIVER AT POINT OF ROCKS, MD 01619500: Flow=351cfs,Stage=3.15ft,Floodstage=8ft,2008-06-09 08:00,76-90,ANTIETAM CREEK NEAR SHARPSBURG, MD 01613000: Flow=4440cfs,Stage=5.68ft,Floodstage=30ft,2008-06-09 08:15,76-90,POTOMAC RIVER AT HANCOCK, MD 01611500: Flow=500cfs,Stage=2.44ft,2008-06-09 09:00,76-90,CACAPON RIVER NEAR GREAT CACAPON, WV 01610000: Flow=3450cfs,Stage=6.96ft,Floodstage=25ft,2008-06-09 08:15,76-90,POTOMAC RIVER AT PAW PAW, WV 01604500: Flow=212cfs,Stage=3.81ft,2008-06-09 09:30,76-90,PATTERSON CREEK NEAR HEADSVILLE, WV 01603000: Flow=1240cfs,Stage=3.41ft,Floodstage=17ft,2008-06-09 08:15,76-90,NORTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER NEAR CUMBERLAND, MD 01600000: Flow=925cfs,Stage=2.60ft,2008-06-09 08:15,76-90,NORTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER AT PINTO, MD 01599000: Flow=118cfs,Stage=3.91ft,Floodstage=11.0ft,2008-06-09 08:15,76-90,GEORGES CREEK AT FRANKLIN, MD 01598500: Flow=796cfs,Stage=3.49ft,Floodstage=10.5ft,2008-06-09 08:15,76-90,NORTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER AT LUKE, MD 01597500: Flow=170cfs,Stage=1.47ft,2008-06-09 08:15,76-90,SAVAGE RIV BL SAVAGE RIV DAM NEAR BLOOMINGTON, MD 01596500: Flow=66cfs,Stage=1.63ft,2008-06-09 08:15,76-90,SAVAGE RIVER NEAR BARTON, MD 01595500: Flow=441cfs,Stage=3.33ft,Floodstage=9ft,2008-06-09 08:15,76-90,NORTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER AT KITZMILLER, MD 01595200: Flow=101cfs,Stage=2.80ft,2008-06-09 09:00,76-90,STONY RIVER NEAR MOUNT STORM,WV 01595000: Flow=192cfs,Stage=2.87ft,2008-06-09 05:15,76-90,NORTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER AT STEYER, MD 01491000: Flow=171cfs,Stage=3.32ft,2008-06-09 06:15,76-90,CHOPTANK RIVER NEAR GREENSBORO, MD 01488500: Flow=63cfs,Stage=2.94ft,2008-06-09 09:00,76-90,MARSHYHOPE CREEK NEAR ADAMSVILLE, DE 01486500: Flow=28cfs,Stage=1.17ft,2008-06-09 08:15,76-90,BEAVERDAM CREEK NEAR SALISBURY, MD 01485500: Flow=56cfs,Stage=2.52ft,2008-06-09 06:00,76-90,NASSAWANGO CREEK NEAR SNOW HILL, MD 01589440: Flow=16cfs,Stage=3.39ft,2008-06-09 08:45,10-24,JONES FALLS AT SORRENTO, MD 01589300: Flow=15cfs,Stage=0.90ft,2008-06-09 08:30,10-24,GWYNNS FALLS AT VILLA NOVA, MD 03075500: Flow=276cfs,Stage=2.89ft,2008-06-09 08:15,25-75,YOUGHIOGHENY RIVER NEAR OAKLAND, MD 01661050: Flow=14cfs,Stage=1.26ft,2008-06-09 08:30,25-75,ST CLEMENT CREEK NEAR CLEMENTS, MD 01652500: Flow=7.6cfs,Stage=4.19ft,2008-06-09 09:00,25-75,FOURMILE RUN AT ALEXANDRIA, VA 01651000: Flow=33cfs,Stage=1.51ft,2008-06-09 08:30,25-75,NW BRANCH ANACOSTIA RIVER NEAR HYATTSVILLE, MD 01649500: Flow=60cfs,Stage=1.49ft,2008-06-09 09:00,25-75,NORTH EAST BRANCH ANACOSTIA RIVER AT RIVERDALE, MD 01648000: Flow=38cfs,Stage=2.36ft,2008-06-09 08:15,25-75,ROCK CREEK AT SHERRILL DRIVE WASHINGTON, DC 01645000: Flow=101cfs,Stage=2.13ft,Floodstage=7.5ft,2008-06-09 08:15,25-75,SENECA CREEK AT DAWSONVILLE, MD 01639000: Flow=68cfs,Stage=2.59ft,2008-06-09 08:30,25-75,MONOCACY RIVER AT BRIDGEPORT, MD 01638480: Flow=61cfs,Stage=3.42ft,2008-06-09 09:30,25-75,CATOCTIN CREEK AT TAYLORSTOWN, VA 01637500: Flow=56cfs,Stage=1.95ft,2008-06-09 08:30,25-75,CATOCTIN CREEK NEAR MIDDLETOWN, MD 01636500: Flow=1960cfs,Stage=2.80ft,Floodstage=13.5ft,2008-06-09 09:30,25-75,SHENANDOAH RIVER AT MILLVILLE, WV 01617800: Flow=13cfs,Stage=1.31ft,2008-06-09 08:15,25-75,MARSH RUN AT GRIMES, MD 01614500: Flow=458cfs,Stage=2.55ft,Floodstage=8ft,2008-06-09 06:30,25-75,CONOCOCHEAGUE CREEK AT FAIRVIEW, MD 01601500: Flow=177cfs,Stage=2.60ft,Floodstage=10ft,2008-06-09 08:00,25-75,WILLS CREEK NEAR CUMBERLAND, MD 01594000: Flow=75cfs,Stage=3.70ft,2008-06-09 08:00,25-75,LITTLE PATUXENT RIVER AT SAVAGE, MD 01593500: Flow=27cfs,Stage=2.65ft,2008-06-09 06:15,25-75,LITTLE PATUXENT RIVER AT GUILFORD, MD 01591000: Flow=34cfs,Stage=2.34ft,2008-06-09 18:00,25-75,PATUXENT RIVER NEAR UNITY, MD 01589500: Flow=6.2cfs,Stage=2.00ft,2008-06-09 04:45,25-75,SAWMILL CREEK AT GLEN BURNIE, MD 01589330: Flow=1.4cfs,Stage=0.68ft,2008-06-09 08:35,25-75,DEAD RUN AT FRANKLINTOWN, MD 01586000: Flow=46cfs,Stage=1.60ft,2008-06-09 08:30,25-75,NORTH BRANCH PATAPSCO RIVER AT CEDARHURST, MD 01585500: Flow=1.7cfs,Stage=1.47ft,2008-06-09 08:30,25-75,CRANBERRY BRANCH NEAR WESTMINSTER, MD 01585200: Flow=0.78cfs,Stage=0.99ft,2008-06-09 08:30,25-75,WEST BRANCH HERRING RUN AT IDLEWYLDE, MD 01584050: Flow=7.0cfs,Stage=1.14ft,2008-06-09 08:15,25-75,LONG GREEN CREEK AT GLEN ARM, MD 01583500: Flow=51cfs,Stage=0.71ft,2008-06-09 08:30,25-75,WESTERN RUN AT WESTERN RUN, MD 01582000: Flow=55cfs,Stage=0.58ft,2008-06-09 08:15,25-75,LITTLE FALLS AT BLUE MOUNT, MD 01581700: Flow=29cfs,Stage=1.72ft,2008-06-09 08:00,25-75,WINTERS RUN NEAR BENSON, MD 01581500: Flow=3.7cfs,Stage=0.66ft,2008-06-09 08:30,25-75,BYNUM RUN AT BEL AIR, MD 01580000: Flow=94cfs,Stage=2.35ft,2008-06-09 08:00,25-75,DEER CREEK AT ROCKS, MD 01495000: Flow=41cfs,Stage=2.33ft,2008-06-09 08:45,25-75,BIG ELK CREEK AT ELK MILLS, MD 01493500: Flow=5.5cfs,Stage=1.32ft,2008-06-09 09:00,25-75,MORGAN CREEK NEAR KENNEDYVILLE, MD 01490000: Flow=13cfs,Stage=0.78ft,2008-06-09 06:15,25-75,CHICAMACOMICO RIVER NEAR SALEM, MD 01485000: Flow=47cfs,Stage=4.97ft,2008-06-09 08:45,25-75,POCOMOKE RIVER NEAR WILLARDS, MD 01479000: Flow=65cfs,Stage=5.07ft,Floodstage=13ft,2008-06-09 08:15,25-75,WHITE CLAY CREEK NEAR NEWARK, DE 01478000: Flow=15cfs,Stage=4.47ft,Floodstage=10.5ft,2008-06-09 08:15,25-75,CHRISTINA RIVER AT COOCHS BRIDGE, DE 0158397967: Flow=1.6cfs,Stage=3.90ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,MINEBANK RUN NEAR GLEN ARM, MD 0148471320: Flow=3.5cfs,Stage=3.46ft,2008-06-09 05:45,Not ranked,BIRCH BRANCH AT SHOWELL, MD 03076500: Flow=549cfs,Stage=3.14ft,2008-06-09 07:30,Not ranked,YOUGHIOGHENY RIVER AT FRIENDSVILLE, MD 03065400: Flow=121cfs,Stage=1.82ft,2008-06-09 07:30,Not ranked,BLACKWATER R NR DAVIS,WV 01660920: Flow=91cfs,Stage=2.30ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,ZEKIAH SWAMP RUN NEAR NEWTOWN, MD 01660795: Not ranked,POTOMAC RIVER NEAR NEWBURG, MD 01658000: Flow=55cfs,Stage=2.78ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,MATTAWOMAN CREEK NEAR POMONKEY, MD 01651800: Flow=3.1cfs,Stage=-0.56ft,2008-06-09 08:15,Not ranked,WATTS BRANCH AT WASHINGTON, DC 01651750: Not ranked,ANACOSTIA RIVER AQUATIC GARDENS AT WASHINGTON, DC 01649190: Flow=7.6cfs,Stage=1.71ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,PAINT BRANCH NEAR COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND 01649150: Stage=1.77ft,2008-06-09 08:45:00,Not ranked,PAINT BRANCH TRIBUTARY NEAR COLESVILLE, MD 01647850: Flow=0.58cfs,Stage=1.51ft,2008-06-09 08:45,Not ranked,TURKEY BRANCH NEAR ROCKVILLE, MD 01647600: Stage=2.00ft,2008-06-09 08:54:00,Floodstage=7ft,Not ranked,POTOMAC RIVER AT WISCONSIN AVE, WASHINGTON, DC 01646305: 0000-00-00 00:00,Stage=1.21ft,2008-06-09 10:00:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,DEAD RUN AT WHANN AVENUE NEAR MCLEAN, VA 01644375: Flow=0.71cfs,Stage=0.59ft,2008-06-09 04:45,Not ranked,LITTLE SENECA CREEK TRIBUTARY NEAR GERMANTOWN, MD 01644371: Flow=0.41cfs,Stage=3.30ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,LITTLE SENECA CREEK TRIBUTARY NEAR CLARKSBURG, MD 01644280: Flow=33cfs,Stage=2.83ft,2008-06-09 09:30,Not ranked,BROAD RUN NEAR LEESBURG, VA 01643590: Flow=7.4cfs,Stage=0.69ft,2008-06-09 09:45,Not ranked,LIMESTONE BRANCH NEAR LEESBURG, VA 01643395: Flow=0.70cfs,Stage=0.40ft,2008-06-09 08:40,Not ranked,SOPER BRANCH AT HYATTSTOWN, MD 01642190: Flow=532cfs,Stage=2.56ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,MONOCACY RIVER AT MONOCACY BLVD AT FREDERICK, MD 01638595: Stage=5.42ft,2008-06-09 08:45:00,Not ranked,POTOMAC RIVER AT TUSCARORA, MD 01638420: Flow=28cfs,Stage=2.43ft,2008-06-09 09:15,Not ranked,N F CATOCTIN CREEK AT RT 681 NEAR WATERFORD, VA 01638350: Flow=41cfs,Stage=2.14ft,2008-06-09 09:15,Not ranked,S F CATOCTIN CREEK AT RT 698 NEAR WATERFORD, VA 01636690: Flow=12cfs,Stage=1.21ft,2008-06-09 09:15,Not ranked,PINEY RUN NEAR LOVETTSVILLE, VA 01620000: Stage=4.54ft,2008-06-09 08:00:00,Floodstage=18ft,Not ranked,POTOMAC RIVER AT HARPERS FERRY, WV 01619000: Flow=110cfs,Stage=2.73ft,2008-06-09 08:45,Not ranked,ANTIETAM CREEK NEAR WAYNESBORO, PA 01618100: 0000-00-00 00:00,Stage=0.95ft,2008-06-09 09:30:00,Not ranked,ROCKYMARSH RUN AT SCRABBLE, WV 01614060: Stage=3.41ft,2008-06-09 08:45:00,Not ranked,POTOMAC RIVER AT WILLIAMSPORT, MD 01613525: Flow=108cfs,Stage=2.30ft,2008-06-09 08:00,Not ranked,LICKING CREEK AT PECTONVILLE, MD 01613095: Flow=47cfs,Stage=2.39ft,2008-06-09 08:45,Not ranked,TONOLOWAY CREEK NEAR HANCOCK, MD 01613020: Stage=44.17ft,2008-06-09 09:00:00,Not ranked,UNNAMED TRIB TO WARM SPR RUN NR BERKELEY SPR, WV 01610155: Flow=19cfs,Stage=1.02ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,SIDELING HILL CREEK NEAR BELLEGROVE, MD 01609000: Flow=68cfs,Stage=2.50ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,TOWN CREEK NEAR OLDTOWN, MD 01605002: Stage=21.67ft,2008-06-09 09:30:00,Not ranked,PAINTER RUN NEAR FORT ASHBY, WV 01595800: Flow=465cfs,Stage=3.57ft,2008-06-09 08:15,Not ranked,NORTH BRANCH POTOMAC RIVER AT BARNUM, WV 01594526: Flow=125cfs,Stage=2.53ft,2008-06-09 08:15,Not ranked,WESTERN BRANCH AT UPPER MARLBORO, MD 01594440: Flow=376cfs,Stage=6.13ft,2008-06-09 08:15,Not ranked,PATUXENT RIVER NEAR BOWIE, MD 01592500: 2008-06-03 05:30,Not ranked,Equipment malfunction,PATUXENT RIV NEAR LAUREL, MD 01591700: Flow=21cfs,Stage=0.95ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,HAWLINGS RIVER NEAR SANDY SPRING, MD 01591610: Flow=46cfs,Stage=1.71ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,PATUXENT RIVER BELOW BRIGHTON DAM NEAR BRIGHTON,MD 01589795: Flow=0.27cfs,Stage=3.73ft,2008-06-09 08:35,Not ranked,SOUTH FORK JABEZ BRANCH AT MILLERSVILLE, MD 01589352: Flow=34cfs,Stage=1.82ft,2008-06-09 08:25,Not ranked,GWYNNS FALLS AT WASHINGTON BLVD AT BALTIMORE, MD 01589320: 0000-00-00 00:00,Stage=2.57ft,2008-06-09 08:15:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,DEAD RUN TRIBUTARY AT WOODLAWN, MD 01589316: 0000-00-00 00:00,Stage=0.22ft,2008-06-09 08:55:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,DEAD RUN TRIBUTARY NEAR WOODLAWN, MD 01589315: 0000-00-00 00:00,Stage=0.24ft,2008-06-09 08:25:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,DEAD RUN AT WOODLAWN, MD 01589312: 0000-00-00 00:00,Stage=0.47ft,2008-06-09 08:15:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,DEAD RUN NEAR CATONSVILLE, MD 01589305: Flow=0.95cfs,Stage=2.28ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,POWDER MILL RUN NEAR LOCHEARN, MD 01589290: Flow=1.1cfs,Stage=1.03ft,2008-06-09 04:30,Not ranked,SCOTTS LEVEL BRANCH AT ROCKDALE, MD 01589238: Flow=0.026cfs,Stage=0.24ft,2008-06-09 04:30,Not ranked,GWYNNS FALLS TRIBUTARY AT MCDONOGH, MD 01589197: Flow=2.1cfs,Stage=0.15ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,GWYNNS FALLS NEAR DELIGHT, MD 01589180: Flow=0.06cfs,Stage=0.90ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,GWYNNS FALLS AT GLYNDON, MD 01586210: Flow=13cfs,Stage=0.52ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,BEAVER RUN NEAR FINKSBURG, MD 01585230: Flow=0.62cfs,Stage=1.60ft,2008-06-09 04:35,Not ranked,MOORES RUN AT RADECKE AVE AT BALTIMORE, MD 01585225: Flow=0.14cfs,Stage=2.56ft,2008-06-09 08:15,Not ranked,MOORES RUN TRIB. NEAR TODD AVE AT BALTIMORE, MD 01585104: Flow=1.2cfs,Stage=0.55ft,2008-06-09 04:30,Not ranked,HONEYGO RUN NEAR WHITE MARSH, MD 01585095: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=0.78ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,NORTH FORK WHITEMARSH RUN NEAR WHITE MARSH, MD 01585090: Flow=0.67cfs,Stage=1.54ft,2008-06-09 05:00,Not ranked,WHITEMARSH RUN NEAR FULLERTON, MD 01583600: Flow=14cfs,Stage=1.42ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,BEAVERDAM RUN AT COCKEYSVILLE, MD 01583580: Flow=0.93cfs,Stage=1.24ft,2008-06-09 08:15,Not ranked,BAISMAN RUN AT BROADMOOR, MD 01583570: Flow=0.10cfs,Stage=1.24ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,POND BRANCH AT OREGON RIDGE, MD 01583100: Flow=11cfs,Stage=1.52ft,2008-06-09 08:15,Not ranked,PINEY RUN AT DOVER, MD 01582500: Flow=265cfs,Stage=1.77ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,GUNPOWDER FALLS AT GLENCOE, MD 01581960: Flow=9.8cfs,Stage=0.76ft,2008-06-09 04:30,Not ranked,BEETREE RUN AT BENTLEY SPRINGS, MD 01581920: Flow=157cfs,Stage=2.21ft,2008-06-09 06:15,Not ranked,GUNPOWDER FALLS NEAR PARKTON, MD 01581830: Flow=7.8cfs,Stage=0.40ft,2008-06-09 07:45,Not ranked,GRAVE RUN NEAR BECKLEYSVILLE, MD 01581757: Flow=39cfs,Stage=1.10ft,2008-06-09 08:00,Not ranked,OTTER POINT CREEK NEAR EDGEWOOD, MD 01581752: Flow=1.6cfs,Stage=1.12ft,2008-06-09 04:15,Not ranked,PLUMTREE RUN NEAR BEL AIR, MD 01581649: Flow=6.0cfs,Stage=3.00ft,2008-06-09 08:45,Not ranked,JAMES RUN NEAR BELCAMP, MD 01580700: 0000-00-00 00:00,Stage=2.89ft,2008-06-09 08:15:00,Not ranked,Rating being developed or revised,SWAN CREEK AT SWAN CREEK, MD 01580520: Flow=178cfs,Stage=1.74ft,2008-06-09 08:00,Not ranked,DEER CREEK NEAR DARLINGTON, MD 01578475: Flow=127cfs,Stage=2.78ft,2008-06-09 09:45,Not ranked,Octoraro Creek near Richardsmere, MD 01578310: Flow=5740cfs,Stage=9.43ft,Floodstage=23.5ft,2008-06-09 08:30,Not ranked,SUSQUEHANNA RIVER AT CONOWINGO, MD 01494150: Flow=3.6cfs,Stage=0.95ft,2008-06-09 08:00,Not ranked,THREE BRIDGES BRANCH AT CENTREVILLE, MARYLAND 01492500: Flow=4.7cfs,Stage=1.18ft,2008-06-09 06:30,Not ranked,SALLIE HARRIS CREEK NEAR CARMICHAEL, MD 01491500: Flow=108cfs,Stage=2.03ft,2008-06-08 18:30,Not ranked,TUCKAHOE CREEK NEAR RUTHSBURG, MD 01490140: Flow=-83cfs,2008-06-09 08:36,Stage=0.37ft,2008-06-09 08:42:00,Not ranked,LITTLE BLACKWATER RIVER AT SEWARD, MD 01490120: Stage=1.67ft,2008-06-09 08:42:00,Not ranked,LITTLE BLACKWATER RIVER NR CAMBRIDGE, MD 01488110: Stage=2.09ft,2008-06-09 08:42:00,Not ranked,NANTICOKE RIVER AT SHARPTOWN, MD 01484719: Flow=0.21cfs,Stage=11.59ft,2008-06-09 03:45,Not ranked,BASSETT CREEK NEAR IRONSHIRE, MD 01484701: Stage=0.56ft,2008-06-09 08:36:00,Not ranked,LITTLE ASSAWOMAN BAY AT FENWICK ISLAND, DE 01484696: Stage=0.80ft,2008-06-09 08:36:00,Not ranked,JEFFERSON CREEK AT SOUTH BETHANY, DE 01483155: Flow=2.0cfs,Stage=0.52ft,2008-06-09 06:00,Not ranked,SILVER LAKE TRIBUTARY AT MIDDLETOWN, DE 01478650: Flow=56cfs,Stage=6.09ft,Floodstage=11.5ft,2008-06-09 08:15,Not ranked,WHITE CLAY CREEK AT NEWARK, DE 01478245: Flow=42cfs,Stage=3.11ft,Floodstage=9.5ft,2008-06-09 09:30,Not ranked,White Clay Creek near Strickersville, PA