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Neutron science research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is on its way to promising developments in materials science. Neutron scattering techniques provide exceptional tools for studying the structure and dynamics of materials at the molecular level.

With the world's highest flux reactor-based neutron source (the High Flux Isotope Reactor) and the world's most intense pulsed accelerator-based neutron source (the Spallation Neutron Source), ORNL provides neutron scattering capabilities unavailable anywhere else in the world.

Call for Proposals: Thank you for responding so enthusiastically to the call for proposals.  Over 200 were received.

Neutron & X-Ray Scattering School at Argonne and Oak Ridge, Sep 28-Oct 2. More...


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June 3 - GE Energy to market SNS-developed detector electronics system. More…

May 28 - New Superconductor Receives HFIR Neutron Analysis. Press release.

March 26 - SNS Receives Advanced Superconducting Magnet for Neutron Scattering. More…


SNS is operating with beam to target. Power on target during January reached a world record of 305 kW. Operating status...


The reactor was shutdown for end of cycle 416 on Wednesday, August 6. Operating status… 




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