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Software Assurance Technology Center

The Software Assurance Technology Center (SATC) was established in 1992 as part of the Systems Reliability and Safety Office at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). The SATC was founded with the intent to become a center of excellence in software assurance, dedicated to making measurable improvement in both the quality and reliability of software developed for NASA at GSFC. SATC is self-supported with internal funding coming from research and application of current software engineering techniques and tools. Research funding primarily originates at NASA headquarters and is administered by it's Software IV&V Facility in Fairmont, WV. Other support comes directly from development projects for direct collaboration and technical support.

The SATC is active in the technical areas shown on the left. Should you find something useful or of particular interest, please let us know. We especially appreciate learning about the current issues among the software engineering community and remain open to recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

To Contact the SATC please send E-Mail to:

  NASA Goddard NASA IV+V

Technical Contact: Sanjeev Sharma
Curator: Michele Morgan
Responsible NASA Official: Sanjeev Sharma

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Software Assurance Technology Center