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USGS Water Resources of South Carolina

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Recent Publications

Selected Well Data for Updating a U.S. Geological Survey Regional Aquifer-System Analysis Model for Use in Determining Ground-Water Availability in the North and South Carolina Atlantic Coastal Plain Aquifer Systems

Trends of abutment-scour prediction equations applied to 144 field sites in South Carolina

Development and Evaluation of Clear-Water Pier and Contraction Scour Envelope Curves in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont Provinces of South Carolina

Hydrogeology, Water Quality, and Saltwater Intrusion in the Upper Floridan Aquifer in the Offshore Area near Hilton head Island, South Carolina, and Tybee Island, Georgia, 1999-2002

Hydrogeology, Water Quality, and Water-Supply Potential of the Lower Floridan Aquifer, Coastal Georgia, 1999-2002

Flow-Meter and Passive Diffusion Bag Tests and Potential Influences on the Vertical Distribution of Contaminants in Wells at Galena Airport, Galena, Alaska, August to October 2002

South Carolina District Science Plan Science Goals for 2004-2009 (Provisional Draft)

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South Carolina

2008 South Carolina Water Resources Conference
October 14 - 15, 2008

    Current Streamflow Conditions in South Carolina
  • For an interactive GoogleMap showing surface-water stations, click here
  • For an interactive GoogleMap showing surface-water, ground-water, and water-quality stations, click here
  • For streamflow duration hydrographs, click here
  • Current streamflow conditions in South Carolina; click to go to a live map.
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