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USGS Water Science Centers are located in each state.

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Water Resources of Tennessee

Welcome to the new website for the USGS Tennessee Water Science Center!

Current streamflow conditions in Tennessee; click to go to a live map.
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Welcome to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Tennessee Water Science Center Web site; this is your direct link to all kinds of water-resource information. Here you will find information about Tennessee's rivers and streams. You will also find information about ground water, water quality, and many other topics. The USGS operates the most extensive satellite network of stream-gaging stations in the State, many of which support flood-warning systems.

The USGS provides current (real-time) stream stage and streamflow, water-quality, and ground-water levels for more than 200 sites in Tennessee.

USGS Tennessee Highlights

Tennessee 2007 Water Data Report Available (Quick look:
Beginning with water year 2006, the annual water data product took on a new format different from the previous report series. The basic product is a Site Data Sheet that serves to publish all data collected during the water year at any given site. For more information about this topic, click now.

The 2007 USGS Water Data Report is available online and has a new interactive feature designed to make site data retrieval easy. The annual Water Data Report provides a snapshot of water conditions for a given year.

Highlighted Publications

The Tennessee Water Science Center produces publications about water resources.

SIR 2008-5058Scientific Investigations Report 2008-5058
Estimated Use of Water in the Upper Duck River Watershed, Central Tennessee, and Water-Demand Projections through 2030

Scientific Investigations Map 2007-2972
Alluvial Bars of the Obed Wild and Scenic River, Tennessee

Scientific Investigations Report 2007-5105
Water Resources of the Duck River Watershed, Tennessee


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03427500: Flow=4.1cfs,Stage=2.18ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Low,EAST FORK STONES RIVER NEAR LASCASSAS, TN 03421000: Flow=49cfs,Stage=1.49ft,Floodstage=16.0ft,2008-09-15 18:30,Low,COLLINS RIVER NEAR MCMINNVILLE, TN 03578000: Flow=2.4cfs,Stage=1.36ft,2008-09-15 18:00,<10,ELK RIVER NEAR PELHAM, TN 03461500: Flow=174cfs,Stage=2.05ft,2008-09-15 19:00,<10,PIGEON RIVER AT NEWPORT, TN 07032200: Flow=7.4cfs,Stage=7.05ft,2008-09-15 17:15,76-90,NONCONNAH CREEK NEAR GERMANTOWN, TN 03518500: Flow=145cfs,Stage=1.14ft,2008-09-15 19:15,76-90,TELLICO RIVER AT TELLICO PLAINS, TN 03497300: Flow=103cfs,Stage=1.63ft,2008-09-15 19:30,76-90,LITTLE RIVER ABOVE TOWNSEND, TN 07031650: Flow=239cfs,Stage=3.11ft,Floodstage=20.5ft,2008-09-15 16:30,10-24,WOLF RIVER AT GERMANTOWN, TN 03584600: Flow=239cfs,Stage=0.75ft,Floodstage=26.0ft,2008-09-15 18:15,10-24,ELK RIVER AT PROSPECT, TN 03565500: Flow=22cfs,Stage=2.23ft,2008-09-15 19:15,10-24,OOSTANAULA CREEK NEAR SANFORD, TN 03478400: Flow=10cfs,Stage=2.73ft,2008-09-15 19:45,10-24,BEAVER CREEK AT BRISTOL, VA 03416000: Flow=9.1cfs,Stage=1.28ft,2008-09-15 18:30,10-24,WOLF RIVER NEAR BYRDSTOWN, TN 03409500: Flow=5.6cfs,Stage=1.18ft,2008-09-15 19:00,10-24,CLEAR FORK NEAR ROBBINS, TN 07030500: Flow=160cfs,Stage=1.64ft,Floodstage=13.0ft,2008-09-15 18:30,25-75,WOLF RIVER AT ROSSVILLE, TN 07030240: Flow=85cfs,Stage=0.66ft,Floodstage=20.0ft,2008-09-15 16:15,25-75,LOOSAHATCHIE RIVER NEAR ARLINGTON, TN 07030050: Flow=550cfs,Stage=2.47ft,2008-09-15 18:00,25-75,HATCHIE RIVER AT RIALTO, TN 07029500: Flow=280cfs,Stage=5.92ft,Floodstage=18.0ft,2008-09-15 17:00,25-75,HATCHIE RIVER AT BOLIVAR, TN 07026040: Flow=710cfs,Stage=17.55ft,Floodstage=34.0ft,2008-09-15 18:00,25-75,OBION RIVER AT HWY 51 NEAR OBION, TN 07025400: Flow=134cfs,Stage=4.89ft,Floodstage=20.0ft,2008-09-15 18:00,25-75,NORTH FORK OBION RIVER NEAR MARTIN, TENN (CE) 07024500: Flow=155cfs,Stage=5.39ft,2008-09-15 17:30,25-75,SOUTH FORK OBION RIVER NEAR GREENFIELD, TN 03606500: Flow=62cfs,Stage=3.06ft,2008-09-15 17:45,25-75,BIG SANDY RIVER AT BRUCETON, TN 03604000: Flow=175cfs,Stage=2.54ft,2008-09-15 17:15,25-75,BUFFALO RIVER NEAR FLAT WOODS, TN 03602500: Flow=77cfs,Stage=2.34ft,2008-09-15 18:15,25-75,PINEY RIVER AT VERNON, TN 03599500: Flow=169cfs,Stage=1.55ft,Floodstage=32.0ft,2008-09-15 16:30,25-75,DUCK RIVER AT COLUMBIA, TN 03598000: Flow=168cfs,Stage=2.52ft,Floodstage=25.0ft,2008-09-15 16:00,25-75,DUCK RIVER NEAR SHELBYVILLE, TN 03588500: Flow=126cfs,Stage=2.63ft,Floodstage=14.0ft,2008-09-15 16:45,25-75,SHOAL CREEK AT IRON CITY, TN 03571000: Flow=89cfs,Stage=0.95ft,2008-09-15 18:15,25-75,SEQUATCHIE RIVER NEAR WHITWELL, TN 03540500: Flow=13cfs,Stage=1.51ft,2008-09-15 19:00,25-75,EMORY RIVER AT OAKDALE, TN 03539800: Flow=20cfs,Stage=0.83ft,2008-09-15 16:45,25-75,OBED RIVER NEAR LANCING, TN 03532000: Flow=123cfs,Stage=1.79ft,2008-09-15 19:15,25-75,POWELL RIVER NEAR ARTHUR, TN 03531500: Flow=70cfs,Stage=1.28ft,2008-09-15 19:45,25-75,POWELL RIVER NEAR JONESVILLE, VA 03528000: Flow=246cfs,Stage=0.75ft,2008-09-15 17:30,25-75,CLINCH RIVER ABOVE TAZEWELL, TN 03527000: Flow=169cfs,Stage=1.90ft,2008-09-15 19:15,25-75,CLINCH RIVER AT SPEERS FERRY, VA 03498500: Flow=93cfs,Stage=5.53ft,2008-09-15 17:30,25-75,LITTLE RIVER NEAR MARYVILLE, TN 03491000: Flow=6.0cfs,Stage=1.58ft,2008-09-15 18:15,25-75,BIG CREEK NEAR ROGERSVILLE, TN 03479000: Flow=51cfs,Stage=1.53ft,2008-09-15 17:45,25-75,WATAUGA RIVER NEAR SUGAR GROVE, NC 03473000: Flow=100cfs,Stage=2.44ft,2008-09-15 19:45,25-75,S F HOLSTON RIVER NEAR DAMASCUS, VA 03465500: Flow=380cfs,Stage=1.16ft,2008-09-15 17:30,25-75,NOLICHUCKY RIVER AT EMBREEVILLE, TN 03436100: Flow=107cfs,Stage=3.69ft,Floodstage=30.0ft,2008-09-15 18:30,25-75,RED RIVER AT PORT ROYAL, TN 03434500: Flow=89cfs,Stage=0.97ft,Floodstage=20.0ft,2008-09-15 18:30,25-75,HARPETH RIVER NEAR KINGSTON SPRINGS, TN 03433500: Flow=28cfs,Stage=1.07ft,2008-09-15 18:00,25-75,HARPETH RIVER AT BELLEVUE, TN 03432350: Flow=5.1cfs,Stage=3.16ft,Floodstage=21.0ft,2008-09-15 18:00,25-75,HARPETH RIVER AT FRANKLIN, TN 03431700: Flow=2.5cfs,Stage=0.62ft,2008-09-15 18:45,25-75,RICHLAND CREEK AT CHARLOTTE AVE, AT NASHVILLE, TN 03428200: Flow=22cfs,Stage=2.02ft,2008-09-15 18:30,25-75,WEST FORK STONES RIVER AT MURFREESBORO, TN 03415000: Flow=4.5cfs,Stage=0.87ft,2008-09-15 16:00,25-75,WEST FORK OBEY RIVER NEAR ALPINE, TN 03414500: Flow=12cfs,Stage=1.10ft,2008-09-15 18:30,25-75,EAST FORK OBEY RIVER NEAR JAMESTOWN, TN 03408500: Flow=24cfs,Stage=1.89ft,2008-09-15 19:00,25-75,NEW RIVER AT NEW RIVER, TN 03313700: Flow=6.8cfs,Stage=6.84ft,2008-09-15 18:15,25-75,WEST FORK DRAKES CREEK NEAR FRANKLIN, KY 0357479650: Flow=3.8cfs,Stage=2.85ft,2008-09-15 18:15,Not ranked,HESTER CREEK AT BUDDY WILLIAMSON RD NR PLEVNA, AL 0351706800: Flow=75cfs,Stage=2.56ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,CHEOAH RIVER NR BEARPEN GAP NR TAPOCO, NC 0343364415: Flow=0.05cfs,Stage=1.35ft,2008-09-15 17:00,Not ranked,WHITE OAK BRANCH NEAR SR 840, TN 070306055: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=5.02ft,2008-09-15 18:45,Not ranked,JOHNSONS CR ON FISHERVILLE RD NR COLLIERVILLE, TN 070306050: Flow=0.14cfs,Stage=7.30ft,2008-09-15 18:45,Not ranked,JOHNSONS CREEK AT SR 205 NEAR COLLIERVILLE, TN 035825882: Flow=4.8cfs,Stage=3.15ft,2008-09-15 18:45,Not ranked,CANE CREEK NEAR HOWELL, TN 034339008: Stage=0.70ft,2008-09-14 22:00:00,Not ranked,UNNAMED TRIB (S1-DS1) TO BIG TURNBULL CR AT SR 840 034336447: Stage=2.93ft,2008-09-15 18:00:00,Not ranked,GREEN HOLLOW BR (S6-DS1) AT SR 840, TN 034336443: Stage=0.94ft,2008-09-15 18:00:00,Not ranked,COPPERAS BRANCH (S7-DS2) AT SR 840 034336436: Stage=1.47ft,2008-09-15 18:00:00,Not ranked,UNNAMED TRIB (S13-16) TO KELLEY CREEK NR SR 840 034336392: Flow=0.12cfs,Stage=1.64ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,SLICK ROCK HOLLOW CREEK NEAR PEWITT CHAPEL 034315005: Flow=3100cfs,2008-09-15 18:00,Stage=17.65ft,2008-09-15 18:30:00,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT WOODLAND ST AT NASHVILLE, TN 07031740: Flow=260cfs,Stage=12.85ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,WOLF RIVER AT HOLLYWOOD ST AT MEMPHIS, TN 07031692: Flow=10cfs,Stage=2.02ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,FLETCHER CREEK AT SYCAMORE VIEW ROAD AT MEMPHIS 07031150: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=2.09ft,2008-09-15 15:00,Not ranked,MARYS CREEK NR MONTEREY ROAD NR FISHERVILLE, TN 07030392: Flow=85cfs,Stage=5.59ft,2008-09-15 18:45,Not ranked,WOLF RIVER AT LAGRANGE, TN 07030246: Flow=2.6cfs,Stage=5.76ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,MIDDLE BEAVER CREEK NEAR GAINESVILLE, TN 07030040: Stage=4.56ft,2008-09-15 18:00:00,Not ranked,HATCHIE RIVER AT RAILROAD NEAR RIALTO, TN 07028960: Flow=82cfs,Stage=4.79ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,MIDDLE FORK FORKED DEER RIVER NEAR FAIRVIEW 07028500: Flow=22cfs,Stage=3.98ft,2008-09-15 16:00,Not ranked,NORTH FORK FORKED DEER RIVER AT TRENTON, TN 07027720: Flow=318cfs,Stage=8.15ft,2008-09-15 15:15,Not ranked,SOUTH FORK FORKED DEER RIVER NEAR OWL CITY, TN 07027000: Stage=10.72ft,2008-09-15 18:00:00,Not ranked,REELFOOT LAKE NR TIPTONVILLE, TN 07024305: Flow=24cfs,Stage=9.69ft,2008-09-15 18:15,Not ranked,BEAVER CREEK AT HWY 22 BYPASS NEAR HUNTINGDON, TN 07024200: Flow=12cfs,Stage=7.24ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,CROOKED CREEK NEAR HUNTINGDON, TN 03605078: Flow=0.46cfs,Stage=3.40ft,2008-09-15 15:45,Not ranked,CYPRESS CREEK AT CAMDEN, TN 03601990: Flow=374cfs,Stage=3.21ft,Floodstage=22.0ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,DUCK RIVER AT HWY 100 AT CENTERVILLE, TN 03601630: Flow=0.21cfs,Stage=2.00ft,2008-09-15 18:15,Not ranked,LOCKE BRANCH NEAR BENDING CHESTNUT, TN 03599450: Flow=5.3cfs,Stage=1.14ft,2008-09-15 18:15,Not ranked,FOUNTAIN CREEK NEAR FOUNTAIN HEIGHTS, TN 03599240: Flow=196cfs,Stage=11.02ft,2008-09-15 19:00,Not ranked,DUCK RIVER ABOVE MILLTOWN, TN 03599100: Flow=2.9cfs,Stage=2.47ft,2008-09-15 18:15,Not ranked,BIG ROCK CR AT DOUBLE BRIDGES, TN 03597860: Flow=158cfs,Stage=9.88ft,2008-09-15 16:00,Not ranked,DUCK RIVER AT SHELBYVILLE, TN 03597590: Flow=0.51cfs,Stage=1.99ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,WARTRACE CREEK BELOW COUNTY ROAD AT WARTRACE, TN 03597210: Flow=3.3cfs,Stage=1.71ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,GARRISON FORK ABOVE L&N RAILROAD AT WARTRACE, TN 03596075: Stage=1.32ft,2008-09-15 17:45:00,Not ranked,SINKING POND AT AEDC, TN 03593500: Stage=5.61ft,2008-09-15 16:15:00,Not ranked,TENNESSEE RIVER AT SAVANNAH, TN 03585269: Flow=34cfs,Stage=10.34ft,2008-09-15 18:45,Not ranked,SUGAR CREEK AT HWY 11 NEAR MINOR HILL, TN 03584020: Flow=40cfs,Stage=5.17ft,Floodstage=22.0ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,RICHLAND CREEK AT HWY 64 NEAR PULASKI, TN 03578500: Flow=26cfs,Stage=2.87ft,2008-09-15 18:30,Not ranked,BRADLEY CREEK NR PRAIRIE PLAINS, TENN. 03570835: Flow=48cfs,Stage=1.52ft,2008-09-15 18:30,Not ranked,SEQUATCHIE RIVER NEAR DUNLAP 03566525: Flow=3.1cfs,Stage=3.57ft,2008-09-15 19:30,Not ranked,NORTH CHICKAMAUGA CREEK NEAR MONTLAKE, TN 03566000: Stage=16.26ft,2008-09-15 19:45,Not ranked,HIWASSEE RIVER AT CHARLESTON, TN 03539778: Flow=1.9cfs,Stage=3.60ft,2008-09-15 16:30,Not ranked,CLEAR CREEK AT LILLY BRIDGE NEAR LANCING, TN 03539600: Flow=5.6cfs,Stage=0.88ft,2008-09-15 16:15,Not ranked,DADDYS CREEK NEAR HEBBERTSBURG, TN 03535400: Flow=25cfs,Stage=5.45ft,2008-09-15 19:00,Not ranked,BEAVER CREEK AT SOLWAY, TN 03535200: Flow=9.3cfs,Stage=4.11ft,2008-09-15 19:30,Not ranked,BEAVER C NR POWELL TENN 03527220: Flow=175cfs,Stage=2.16ft,2008-09-15 19:00,Not ranked,CLINCH RIVER NEAR LOONEYS GAP, TN 03498850: Flow=96cfs,Stage=1.82ft,2008-09-15 19:00,Not ranked,LITTLE RIVER NEAR ALCOA, TN 03469175: Flow=33cfs,Stage=1.52ft,2008-09-15 19:15,Not ranked,LITTLE PIGEON RIVER ABOVE SEVIERVILLE, TN 03467609: Flow=666cfs,Stage=6.75ft,2008-09-15 19:30,Not ranked,NOLICHUCKY RIVER NEAR LOWLAND 03460795: Flow=141cfs,Stage=3.87ft,2008-09-15 19:00,Not ranked,PIGEON R BL POWER PLANT NR WATERVILLE, NC 03437000: Stage=55.50ft,2008-09-15 18:30:00,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT DOVER, TENN. 03436690: Flow=24cfs,Stage=3.16ft,2008-09-15 18:30,Not ranked,YELLOW CREEK AT ELLIS MILLS, TN 03436500: Stage=55.64ft,2008-09-15 18:30:00,Floodstage=76.9ft,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT CLARKSVILLE, TENN. 03433641: Flow=0.82cfs,Stage=0.48ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,KELLEY CREEK NEAR KINGFIELD, TN 03433640: Flow=0.78cfs,Stage=0.98ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,COPPERAS BRANCH NEAR KINGFIELD, TN 03433634: Stage=1.02ft,2008-09-15 18:00:00,Not ranked,UNNAMED TRIB (S4-DS1) TO S HARPETH CR AT SR 840 03433633: Stage=1.29ft,2008-09-15 18:15:00,Not ranked,UNNAMED TRIB (S5-DS1) TO S HARPETH CR AT SR 840 03433632: Stage=0.78ft,2008-09-15 18:00:00,Not ranked,UNNAMED TRIB (S5-US1) TO S HARPETH CR AT SR 840 03432400: Flow=19cfs,Stage=2.22ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,HARPETH RIVER BELOW FRANKLIN, TN 03432100: Flow=0.94cfs,Stage=0.96ft,2008-09-15 18:45,Not ranked,HARPETH RIVER AT MCDANIEL, TN 03431599: Flow=2.0cfs,Stage=4.91ft,2008-09-15 15:00,Not ranked,WHITES CREEK NEAR BORDEAUX, TN 03431300: Flow=2.2cfs,Stage=1.05ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,BROWNS CREEK AT STATE FAIRGROUNDS AT NASHVILLE, TN 03431060: Flow=3.2cfs,Stage=2.32ft,Floodstage=14.0ft,2008-09-15 15:30,Not ranked,MILL CREEK AT THOMPSON LANE, NEAR WOODBINE, TN 03431000: Stage=2.42ft,2008-09-15 17:42:00,Floodstage=14.0ft,Not ranked,MILL CREEK NEAR ANTIOCH, TN 03426470: Flow=0.53cfs,Stage=4.39ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,DRY CREEK NEAR EDENWOLD, TN 03426385: Flow=1.2cfs,Stage=2.92ft,2008-09-15 15:15,Not ranked,MANSKER CREEK ABOVE GOODLETTSVILLE, TN 03425400: Stage=44.73ft,2008-09-15 18:30:00,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT HUNTERS POINT, TN 03425000: Stage=8.00ft,2008-09-15 14:18:00,Floodstage=40.0ft,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT CARTHAGE, TN 03424730: Flow=9.3cfs,Stage=2.17ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,SMITH FORK AT TEMPERANCE HALL, TN 03419800: Flow=19cfs,Stage=4.46ft,2008-09-15 18:00,Not ranked,CALFKILLER RIVER AT HWY 111 BELOW SPARTA, TN 03418070: Flow=0.00cfs,Stage=0.31ft,2008-09-15 18:30,Not ranked,ROARING RIVER ABOVE GAINESBORO, TN 03418040: Flow=4.0cfs,Stage=1.60ft,2008-09-15 17:00,Not ranked,SPRING CREEK NEAR DODSON CHAPEL 03417600: Stage=15.04ft,2008-09-15 18:30:00,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT PENITENTIARY BRANCH, TN 03417500: Stage=15.18ft,2008-09-15 18:30:00,Floodstage=40.0ft,Not ranked,CUMBERLAND RIVER AT CELINA, TN 03410210: Flow=81cfs,Stage=4.42ft,2008-09-15 16:30,Not ranked,SOUTH FK CUMBERLAND RIVER AT LEATHERWOOD FORD, TN 03407908: Flow=16cfs,Stage=2.05ft,2008-09-15 19:00,Not ranked,NEW RIVER AT CORDELL, TN 03312259: Flow=3.9cfs,Stage=2.60ft,2008-09-15 18:45,Not ranked,SALT LICK CREEK BELOW RED BOILING SPRINGS, TN Go to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options