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'Snow White' trench Next Mars Soil Scoop Slated for Last of Lander's Wet Lab Cells
The next soil sample that NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander will deliver to its deck instruments will go to the fourth of the four cells of Phoenix's wet chemistry laboratory, according to the Phoenix team's current plans.
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asteroid Steins Rosetta Images Asteroid Steins
On its way to a 2014 rendezvous with a comet, the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft successfully flew past asteroid Steins on Sept. 5. JPL manages NASA's participation in the mission and supplied the Microwave Instrument.
+ European Space Agency site (Sept. 8)

Clumps on leg strut beneath Phoenix Phoenix Monitors Frosty Clumps on its Struts
The latest look underneath NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander shows growth of clumps that are adhering to a leg strut.
+ Full image and caption (Sept. 8)

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  montage of planets   Getting Ready for Mars
A group of engineers recently tested the radar system for the Mars Science Laboratory, the next rover being built for the red planet.
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 New Multimedia
  whats-up   video Video: What's Up for September
Step away from the city lights and gaze up at our Milky Way galaxy. You may even see one of the galaxy's spiral arms with your own eyes!
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  Scott Maxwell   Video: Rover Flight Director Report
Want to know what our intrepid rovers have been up to lately? In our latest Mars Rover report -- Spirit is cloud-watching and Opportunity is moving up in the world.
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