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- What's New -

Our Latest Wall Maps - Geology and Physical Features
The National Atlas of the United States of America® has published two attractive, accurate, and authoritative new wall maps. One illustrates our Nation's geology and the other highlights America's amazing array of physical features. Both were prepared by the United States Geological Survey.

Our geologic map portrays the distribution of rocks and surficial materials by age and their physical and structural relations with one another. This colorful, fascinating map shows:
• the age, distribution, and character of
rocks at or near the land surface;
• the ages of sedimentary, volcanic, plutonic,
and metamorphic rocks;
• bedrock immediately beneath soils or
thin surficial deposits;
• the thick deposits along the lower Mississippi
River, on the Atlantic and Gulf
Coastal Plains, and in the deep basins of
the western Cordillera;
• the limits of continental glaciation; and
• major faults, impact structures, large
volcanic calderas, and many other significant
and interesting geologic features.

Graphic showing a portion of the Geologic wall map
A small portion of the geologic map.

Inferences can be drawn from this map about our country's geologic history, geologic processes, orientation of rock layers, faults, and shape of rock bodies beneath the surface.

The new physical features map is a stunning rendering of our national terrain. The map is designed to accentuate the beauty and diversity of the physical landscape of the United States. Many of the features shown on the map are labeled.

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When you examine this wall map closely, thousands of names of the physical features shown on this map are revealed. If you take just a few steps back and gaze again at the map, the names disappear into its shaded relief surface. Among the many features we chose to label you will find:
• large mountain ranges and individual summits;
• coastal headlands and islands;
• major rivers, streams, and lakes;
• elevations for selected features as well as the highest point in each State; and
• drainage basin divides.

State boundaries are included for reference and inset maps illustrate elevation ranges across the country. This new map complements an earlier Shaded Relief Map of North America that was also prepared by the National Atlas.

Graphic showing Alabama Congressional District 4
A small portion of the physical features wall map.

July 2007