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projects > land characteristics from remote sensing > satellite image map

South Florida Satellite Image Map
(Northern and Southern Everglades)

By: John Jones, Jean-Claude Thomas, and Gregory Desmond

satellite image of the northern everglades
Northern Everglades
Map I-2756

south florida satellite image
Southern Everglades

MAP I-2742


These satellite image maps are one product of the USGS Land Characteristics from Remote Sensing project, funded through the USGS Place-Based Studies Program with support from the Everglades National Park. The objective of this project is to develop and apply innovative remote sensing and geographic information system techniques to map the distribution of vegetation, vegetation characteristics, and related hydrologic variables through space and over time. The mapping and description of vegetation characteristics and their variations are necessary to accurately simulate surface hydrology and other surface processes in South Florida and to monitor land surface changes. As part of this research, data from many airborne and satellite imaging systems have been georeferenced and processed to facilitate data fusion and analysis. These image maps were created using image fusion techniques developed as part of this project.

The files available below are subsamples of a scan created using National Archive standards to allow for high-quality printing at the scale of the original printed maps. Quality of the image file you download will vary not only on the basis of dpi (listed by each file) but as a function of your display and printing device sizes and capabilities. Both maps are at a scale of 1:100,000. The southern map represents a scan of two hard-copy map products (MAP I-2742 Western and Eastern halves).

These maps are available at several sizes and DPIs (72 DPI and 150 DPI). Please note the file size for each map. Each file (except for the small 10" x 6" version) has been "zipped" (.zip) and will need to be "unzipped" before you can use it.

Both of these maps are available through the USGS Earth Science Information Center (1-888-ASK-USGS) or can be ordered by writing to:

USGS Information Services
Box 25286
Denver, CO 80225.

Northern Everglades Map

72 DPI (screen resolution)

200 DPI (for high-quality printing)

Georeferenced .tif file

View the metadata record for this image

Southern Everglades Map

72 DPI (screen resolution)

150 DPI (for high-quality printing)

Georeferenced .tif file

View the metadata record for this image

If you do not have the software to expand zipped files, please use the links below to download freeware or shareware that will allow you to unzip the files.

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