Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
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  • JLab's 12 GeV Upgrade Project Clears Critical Hurdle
    The U.S. Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility successfully completed on July 24 a major review as it seeks approval to start construction on a planned $310-million project that will double the energy of the electron beam used in nuclear physics experiments.
  • Safety Comes First
    When it comes to providing for the safety of employees and visiting researchers and protecting the environment, the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility is one of the best.
  • A Bigger Chill
    Members of Jefferson Lab's Cryogenics Department are among the planet's best at what they do. Now they're lending their super-cool expertise to a project that's out of this world. They're helping NASA in testing its James Webb Space Telescope, the next generation of space-based technology that will replace the Hubble.
  • Nuclear Pairs
    Like children playing a game of tag, some protons and neutrons link up briefly inside the nucleus of the atom and then rapidly split apart. These pairings have now been quantified in the first simultaneous measurement of such pairings and their constituents. The result was published in Science Express on May 29.
  • Going Green
    About 6.5 acres of Jefferson Lab's 206-acre campus have been seeded with wildflowers. Now in full bloom near the lab's administration building and accelerator site, the flowers have delivered a triple benefit: enhanced aesthetics, improved environmental diversity and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Upgrade Testing
    Progress continues on JLab's 12 GeV Upgrade project. Leonard Page, a JLab technician, prepares the Horizontal Test Bed for accelerator research and development testing. Two 12 GeV-style accelerating cavities will be re-installed in the Test Bed to extend earlier R&D tests that confirmed the cavities meet specifications. The 12 GeV Upgrade project will double the energy of JLab's accelerator.
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