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Publications and Reports


Electronic Freedom of Information Act Reports
These are frequently requested reports and information about the Animal Welfare Act.

•  How to Obtain Information About Investigations or Enforcement Documents from APHIS' Investigative and Enforcement Services (IES) or USDA's Office the the General Counsel (OGC)
•  Annual Report of Research Facilities
•  Inspection Reports
•  Lists of active licensed and registered facilities

Animal Care
•  About APHIS' Animal Care Program [Program Aid No. 1866]
•  Animal Care: A New Era in Animal Welfare [Factsheet]
•  Animal Care's Regulation of Commercial Animal Dealerss: Q and A's [Factsheet]
•  Animal Care: Safeguarding the Welfare of Animals [Factsheet]
•  The Animal Care Program and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Authority Under the Animal Welfare Act: Basic Questions and Answers [Factsheet]
•  Animal Exhibitors [Factsheet]
•  Safeguarding Pets [Factsheet]
•  Traveling by Air With Your Pet [Factsheet]
•  Cómo viajar por avión con su mascota [Factsheet]

Animal Welfare
•  Animal Welfare Act
•  The Animal Welfare Act [Factsheet]
•  The Animal Welfare Act: An Overview [Program Aid No. 1867]
•  The Animal Welfare Act Provisions on Animal Fighting [Backgrounder]
•  The Animal Welfare Act: Research Facilities [Factsheet]
•  Animal Welfare Regulations
•  Compliance Inspections [Factsheet]
•  Ensuring Adequate Veterinary Care: Roles and Responsibilities of Facility Owners and Attending Veterinarians [Tech Note]
•  Licensing and Registration Under the Animal Welfare Act [Gudelines for Dealers, Exhibitors, Transporters, and Researchers]
•  Regulation of Commercial Animal Dealers [Factsheet]

Big Cats Information
•  Big Cat Q & A
•  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Captive Wildlife Safety Act
•  Information Sheet on Declawing and Tooth Removal
•  Handling Frozen/Thawed Meat and Prey Items Fed to Captive Exotic Animals
•  Large Wild and Exotic Cats Make Dangerous Pets [Position Statement]

Elephant Information
•  Elephant TB
•  Elephant Necropsy
•  Elephant Research and Tissue Protocols

Annual Reports of Enforcement
•  2006 - Amended 07/2008
•  2005
•  2004
•  2003
•  2002

•  AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia.

Inspection Guides & Manuals
•  Policy Manual
•  Dealer Inspection Guide
•  Exhibitor Inspection Guide
•  Research Inspection Guide

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
•  IACUC one page checklist
•  IACUC survey

Marine Mammal Information
•  Sterilization of Marine Mammal Pool Waters
•  Handling Fish Fed to Fish-Eating Mammals

Stakeholder Updates
•  Web Posting of Inspection Guides
•  Revised Policies 3 and 17
•  Revised Policies 10 and 15
•  Hawthorne Elephant Update

Non-Compliant Item (NCI) Summaries of All Licensed and Registered Facilities
•  2006 NCI Summary
•  2005 NCI Summary
•  2004 NCI Summary

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Last Modified: July 30, 2008