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 Welcome to the United States District Court for the
Southern District of Illinois
Photo of courthouse in East St. Louis.


Pattern Civil Jury Instructions for the Seventh Circuit on the Federal Employers Liability Act

Pattern Civil Jury Instructions for the Seventh Circuit on patent law

Multi-Track Federal Criminal Defense Seminar

New Redaction Policy effective 7-11-08
** New Policy ** Administrative Order **

New Transcript Policy effective 5-15-08
** Official Notice ** New Policy ** Administrative Order

Notice of Local Rules Revision

Increase in Transcript Fee Rates FY 2008

2007 Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Wireless Internet Services are currently available in the East St. Louis and Benton courthouses.  The service is free of charge for registered attorneys only.  Credentials can be requested from the Intake desk.


From the Office of Chief Judge

People do not find themselves litigants in federal court because they want to be. Those of us who serve in this Court know that plaintiffs and defendants alike are here because they either seek redress for some wrong or defend against charges of wrong-doing. No matter the reason for litigation or the presence of the litigator, it is the objective of everyone who serves this constituency in this District Court to do our absolute best to make the experience as problem free and as efficient as we can possibly make it.

This website is just one convenience that we utilize to assist everyone who seeks help in traveling through the maze of rules and procedures governing federal litigation as they are applied in the Southern District of Illinois. For example, each judge has published helpful hints regarding practice before that judge and everyone is encouraged to check out those website pages from time to time as a refresher and to alert oneself to changes. [I also publish my equity conflict list and would appreciate lawyers checking that list for their clients’ names to assist me in avoiding conflicts, especially with hard to spot subsidiaries.] Other vital, district-wide information is imparted on this website and updated regularly.

If you feel there is something we can include on this website that would be helpful or would, in some way, improve efficiencies, contact our Webmaster by e-mail at Webmaster or by telephone, 618-482-9371, during normal business hours.

For our litigants without lawyers, please understand that federal courts are best described as courts of limited jurisdiction. We only have such jurisdiction as the U.S. Congress sees fit to grant or is conveyed to us naturally by operation of the U.S. Constitution. So we hear cases involving violations of the Constitution, federal laws, bankruptcy cases, admiralty and maritime cases, as well as state law cases, but only if they involve a dispute valued at more than seventy-five thousand dollars and the parties on one side are citizens of a state or states different than the party or parties on the other side of the lawsuit. Consequently, many cases must be dismissed, or sent back to state courts, for lack of jurisdiction, since we can only handle those cases which we are legally entitled to consider.

Thank you for utilizing our website.

Hon. David R. Herndon, Chief Judge

Procedures for Filing a Judicial Misconduct Complaint

Congress has created a procedure that permits any person to file a complaint in the courts about the behavior of federal judges, but not about the decisions federal judges make in deciding cases. Below is a link to the rules that explain what may be complained about, who may be complained about, where to file a complaint, and how the complaint will be processed. There is also a link to the form you must use.

Almost all complaints in recent years have been dismissed because they do not follow the law about such complaints. The law says that complaints with no evidence to support them must be dismissed. If you are a litigant in a case and believe the judge made a wrong decision, even a very wrong decision, you may not use this procedure to complain about the decision. An attorney can explain the rights you have as a litigant to seek review of a judicial decision.


If you have comments about the Clerks' Office, please do not hesitate to contact Clerk of Court Norbert G. Jaworski directly by phone at 618-482-9390 or on e-mail at:  Norbert_Jaworski@ilsd.uscourts.gov

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