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Nuclear Regulatory Commission Dockets License Application for Yucca Mountain

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has announced that it has docketed the Yucca Mountain license application submitted by the Department of Energy to the Commission on June 3, 2008. The decision to docket the application is based on the NRC staff's conclusion that the application is thorough and complete enough for it to begin its formal technical review.

OCRWM Director Ward Sproat (center-right) submits the Yucca Mountain license application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, June 3, 2008.


Federal Register notification of acceptance for docketing [pdf]
NRC news release
NRC's Yucca Mountain licensing activities
Accessing the license application
Publication: The National Repository at Yucca Mountain [pdf]
Fact sheet: Repository Licensing Overview
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Media Center / Citizens Guide
podcast player Ward Sproat speaks at 2008 International High Level Waste conference

Our mission is to manage and dispose of high-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel in a manner that protects health, safety and the environment; enhances national and energy security; and merits public confidence.
Environmental documents

Yucca Mountain environmental documents

transport and emplacement vehicle Engineering and Design
The Department of Energy is finalizing a design for the planned Yucca Mountain repository and surface facilities. Descriptions, 3D images, and animations are now online. Read More >
Current locations of nuclear waste

Current locations of nuclear waste in the United States
Nuclear waste is currently located in more than 120 locations in 39 states.  Read More >

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Yucca Mountain: The Making of an Underground Labroratory
Yucca Mountain: The Making of an Underground Laboratory

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