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Stewart Prager to Lead PPPL
Stewart Prager
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Dusty Plasma Experiment Team Takes Flight
 students in weightless environment
Rachel Sherman (left) and Mike Hvasta.
Four students from The College of New Jersey who are collaborating with PPPL took their Dusty Plasma Experiment (DPX) on a special zero gravity flight in June. Team DPX went to NASA's Microgravity University in Houston to carry out, "Using Fluorescent Dust to Obtain a Three-Dimensional Analysis of a Dusty Plasma," in a weightless environment aboard a DC-9 plane affectionately known as the "Vomit Comet." Team DPX includes Brandon Bentzley, leader Mike Hvasta, Justin Nieusma, and Rachel Sherman. PPPL Science Education Program Head Andrew Zwicker is one of the team's advisors. The DOE Office of Science-Fusion Energy Sciences provided some funding.
PPPL's Ronald C. Davidson to Receive Maxwell Prize
    Ronald C. Davidson
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