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Message From the Director

Dear Colleagues

It’s my sad duty to inform you of some unfortunate news regarding the future of IPNS.  As you may know, the omnibus bill that was signed into law by President Bush just before the end of the year provided funding for our sponsor, Basic Energy Sciences (BES), at a level that is too low to meet both new construction commitments and maintain full operations in the US.  In order to meet budget obligations, BES has ordered significant cutbacks in operations for all programs that they support.  As a part of this cutback, BES has ordered a complete cessation of IPNS operations, effective immediately.

Specifically, this means that IPNS will no longer operate as a neutron facility and that we will begin the process of decommissioning and decontamination (D&D) as soon as possible. Obviously, IPNS will not be able to provide neutron beam time for our users from this date forward.

This decision comes as quite a shock to me and to all the employees of IPNS.  I am saddened that such a storied neutron source as IPNS, with a core of outstanding and dedicated employees and a history of seminal scientific and technical accomplishments has come to such an abrupt and untimely end.  I understand that much of the success we enjoyed was due to our users, who made good use of our neutrons and helped establish the reputation we have enjoyed.  For your efforts over these last 26+ years, I thank and salute you.

Raymond G. Teller

Intense Pulsed Neutron Source

Attention Users! IPNS will no longer be accepting research proposals.


January 25, 2008

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