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Corporate Contributions

Mission Statement: UT-Battelle and Oak Ridge National Laboratory strive to be viewed by our neighbors as a highly valued partner in the Oak Ridge region.

Corporate Outreach Priorities: UT-Battelle is committed to providing approximately $1.25 million each year from corporate fees for outreach initiatives. Of this total, approximately one-half is allocated to initiatives designed to generate economic development; approximately one-third is earmarked for initiatives to support science and math education. The remaining corporate outreach funds are designated for various civic, cultural and public awareness activities related to the Department of Energy's mission.

Legacy Investments: Priority consideration for UT-Battelle contributions is given to "legacy investments" that provide tangible, lasting benefits to the region. UT-Battelle's goal is to provide legacy investments that are larger in size and fewer in number.

Policy Guidelines: UT-Battelle's corporate outreach policy is guided by a number of general goals:

  • Contributions will be limited to groups without political or religious affiliation.

  • All eligible organizations will have a fair opportunity to request corporate contributions.

  • First consideration is given to organizations in the Oak Ridge region.

  • Organizations under an umbrella agency such as the United Way should receive UT-Battelle funds solely through the coordinating agency.

  • Corporate contributions are provided only to recognized organizations.

Application Process: All requests for corporate contributions must be submitted in writing to the ORNL Office of Communication and Community Outreach, c/o Brenda Hackworth, Box 2008, Oak Ridge, TN, 37831-6266. Proposals should state succinctly the organization requesting funds, the amount of funds requested, the specific purpose for which the funds will be used, and how the request fits within UT-Battelle's overall goals and objectives as outlined above. Proposals also should include the name, address and phone number of the organization's point of contact. UT-Battelle reserves the right to request additional information on the organization's budget, board of directors and community service history.