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Army Corps of Engineers prepares for Hurricane Ike

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is preparing for potential impacts from Hurricane Ike by pre-positioning personnel and equipment and preparing for emergency response operations.

The Corps is closely monitoring the hurricane's path as it moves across the Gulf towards the Texas coast and its effects on the entire Gulf Coast region. On Friday, Sept. 12, the New Orleans District closed gates at three canals – Harvey, 17th Street and London Avenue – because water levels had reached a predetermined level, the result of storm surge from Ike.

Once the storm moves inland, it could pose significant threats of flooding and wind damage in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri.

More than 700 Corps of Engineer employees are engaged currently in hurricane emergency response, either pre-positioned for Hurricane Ike, or on the ground in areas affected by Hurricane Gustav.

Personnel and equipment are at the Corps' Fort Sam Houston Area Office to provide support as part of the coordinated National Response Framework. The area is being used to stage water, power, ice and generators.

The Corps is ready to support a range of FEMA missions to include debris removal, commodities procurement and delivery of water and ice, temporary emergency power, temporary housing, temporary roofing, infrastructure assessment, and support to urban search and rescue missions. (more)


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Headquarters, Public Affairs Office

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers solicits public comment on proposed new Principles to revise the Economic and Environmental Principles and Guidelines for Water and Related Land Resources Implementation Studies

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers today published in the Federal Register a notice to solicit public written comments on proposed new draft Principles for the ongoing revision of the “Economic and Environmental Principles and Guidelines for Water and Related Land Resources Implementation Studies,” dated March 10, 1983.  The Principles and Guidelines (P&G) guide national water resources planning for the Corps and other federal agencies.

The proposed Principles are included in the Federal Register notice and may also be found at:

Written comments will be accepted through October 15. (more)

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