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News and Current Events
-- Mount St. Helens 2004 updates, images, and links - with link to CVO Talks and Presentations - World-Wide Volcanoes in the News - World-Wide Current Volcanic Activity

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Cascade Range Current Activity Updates
-- Current Status of the Cascade Range Volcanoes

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Cascade Range Volcanoes Listing
-- Cascades Volcanoes listing

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Hazards Assessment Reports and Maps
-- Latest Hazards Assessment Reports and Maps (in PDF) for various volcanoes in the Cascade Range

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Educational Outreach
-- Learn about Volcanoes - FAQ's - Terminology - Read About Volcanoes - Become a Volcanologist - Activities and "Fun Stuff" - Videos and Posters - "Pictograms" - Teachers Packets and Aids - Educational Links, etc.

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Living With Volcanoes
-- America's Volcanic Past - The "Plus Side" of Volcanoes - Historical, Cultural, and Economic Side of Volcanoes - "VolcanoCams" - Volcanoes in the Movies - What to do if a Volcano Erupts, etc.

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Visit a Volcano
-- Information and Maps to the Cascade Range - Travel and Hiking Information - Links to other Agencies - National Parks, Volcanic Monuments, and National Forests - Tourism and Lodging - America's Volcanic Past - Armchair Tours of the Cascade Volcanoes - Climb A Volcano, etc.

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The Volcanoes of Lewis and Clark
Two Hundred years ago on October 16, 1805, Lewis and Clark and the men of the "Corps of Discovery" reached the Columbia River. On October 18, 1805, the men began their journey down the Columbia River where they reached the Pacific Ocean on November 15, 1805. On the journey the men saw five different Cascade Range volcanoes. They even named Mount Jefferson after their benefactor, Thomas Jefferson. The Cascades Volcano Observatory's "The Volcanoes of Lewis and Clark" begins on the Clearwater River in early October, and uses the 1814 Biddle publication of the journey to follow Lewis and Clark down the Clearwater, Snake, and Columbia Rivers. This web presentation includes old illustrations, maps, and information about the landscape and the volcanoes which Lewis and Clark saw.

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Mount St. Helens from north Mount St. Helens, Washington.



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