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Hard copies of the publication are available for sale by the Government Printing Office and can be ordered online at The Agriculture Fact Book 2001-2002 is $26.00 per copy, ISBN 001-000-04709-4.

Past Fact Book editions that are still available electronically:
Fact Book 2000 Fact Book 1999 Fact Book 1998 Fact Book 1997 Fact Book 1996

Download the full Fact Book in pdf File Size 2.98MB (PDF files require Adobe Acrobat)

html    pdf
Current Topics: Selected Issues in American Agriculture Today
small green dot Homeland Security
small green dot Conservation Measures in the 2002 Farm Bill
small green dot Biotechnology in Brief
small green dot Certified Organic: Update
html    pdf
American Agriculture Today - Chapter 1
Profiling Food Consumption in America
small green dot Meat Consumption at Record High
small green dot Eating Out Cuts Milk, Boosts Cheese Consumption
small green dot . . . And Swells Use of Salad and Cooking Oils and Shortening
small green dot Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Continues To Rise
small green dot Consumers Eat Too Much Refined Grain, Too Little Whole Grain
small green dot Consumption of Caloric Sweeteners Hits Record High
small green dot Food Expenditures and Prices
small green dot How Much of the Cost of Food Services and Distribution Goes to Farmers?
html    pdf Food Consumption in America - Chapter 2
American Farms
small green dot Acres or Sales?
small green dot Change by Sales Class, 1982 to 1997
small green dot Diversity Among American Farms
small green dot Shares of Farms, Assets, and Production
small green dot Specialization and Diversification
small green dot Government Program Paticipation
small green dot Household Income
small green dot Farm Policy and Family Farms
html    pdfAmerican - Chapter 3
Rural America: Entering the 21st Century
small green dot Rural Population Growth Levels Off, but the West Continues To Grow
small green dot Rural Areas Benefited From the Nation’s Economic Prosperity
small green dot Rural Economies Are Based on Different Assets
small green dot Federal Funding for Rural Area Development Smaller Than for Urban Areas
html    pdfRural America: Chapter 4
U.S. Department of Agriculture
small green dot Departmental Administration
small green dot Office of the Chief Economist
small green dot Office of the Inspector General
small green dot Office of the Chief Information Officer
small green dot Office of the Chief Financial Officer
small green dot Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations
html    pdfU.S. Department of Agriculture - Chapter 5
USDA Rural Development
small green dot Rural Business-Cooperative Service
small green dot Rural Housing Service
small green dot Rural Utilities Service
small green dot Office of Community Development
html    pdf
Rural Business- Chapter 6
Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services
small green dot Farm Service Agency
small green dot Foreign Agricultural Service
small green dot Risk Management Agency
html    pdf
Farm and Foreign Agricultural -Chapter 7
Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services
small green dot Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
small green dot Food and Nutrition Service
html    pdf  Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services-Chapter 8
Food Safety
small green dot Food Safety and Inspection Service
html    pdfFood Safety - Chapter 9
Natural Resources and Environment
small green dot Forest Service
small green dot Natural Resources Conservation Service
html    pdfNatural Resources & Environment -Chapter 10
Research, Education, and Economics
small green dot Agricultural Research Service
small green dot Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
small green dot Economic Research Service
small green dot National Agricultural Statistics Service
html    pdfResearch, Education and Economics - Chapter 11
Marketing and Regulatory Programs
small green dot Agricultural Marketing Service
small green dot Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
small green dot Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration
html    pdf   Marketing & Regulatory Programs - Chapter 12

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