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Beijing Olympics opening ceremony hailed all over world

Updated: 2008-08-09 08:23:28 From: Xinhuanet

Beijing Olympics opening ceremony hailed all over world
Chinese former gymnastics champion Li Ning kindles the cauldron.

Beijing Olympics opening ceremony hailed all over world

BEIJING, Aug. 8 (Xinhua) -- The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games staged here on Friday night has caught nearly 4 billion people's eyes worldwide.

A dream-come-true resonance that longed for a hundred years and prepared for 84 months is giving millions of reasons to Chinese to have a sleepless night.


"The most exciting moment is the igniting part, it combines technology, traditional arts and Li Ning's effort in such a perfect way," Xie Mengxin, a girl sitting in the stadium, known as Bird's Nest, said after the ceremony.

"There have been so many heart-shaking moments in it and we were all thrilled," she said, adding that the spacewalking-like showing of the last torch bearer for the Games was beyond her imagination.

Beijing Olympics opening ceremony hailed all over world
The cauldron of the Beijing Olympic Games is ablaze over the National Stadium.
Beijing Olympics opening ceremony hailed all over world
Li Ning (R) lights the cauldron.

Paduld Sri Rohana de Pettagan, an official with the Sri Lanka Olympic Committee, said "I love the countdown part which combines the Chinese ancient history with the modern high technology."

"The opening is so good, with so many hi-tech features. The organizers used fireworks, LED screen, video and audio technologies to show the best of China," he added.

"Every part of the preparation of the Beijing Olympic Games is fantastic. The Games is an opportunity for the world to understand China, and for China to understand the world as well." Michael Naumann, a tourist from Germany who watched the ceremony on TV, told Xinhua.

"It was awesome. A lot different from the other ones. Being a vet, seeing the new guys' faces when we were walking into the stadium for the first time was awesome." Brian Olson from U.S. said.

"This Olympics has gone above and beyond. It was special, whether it's your fourth or first." the judoka coming from Tallahassee, Florida said.

"It was once in a lifetime, I loved it. I was speechless at times. I really liked the torch and the guy flying through the air," said Demetrius Andrade, a U.S. Boxer from Providence, Rhode Island.

"It was really nice, it was inspirational. It made me want to compete," said another Boxer Sadam Ali who was among others encouraged to "give it all you have got" by U.S. president George Bush before attending the opening ceremony.

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