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Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry have both acted as Counsellors of State since reaching the age of 21
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Counsellors of State are members of the Royal Family who temporarily carry out some of the Sovereign's official duties in the absence of The Queen.

This situation may arise if The Queen is suffering from temporary illness or is absent abroad for more than a few days. She may delegate certain functions of the Sovereign in Britain, the dependencies, and other territories to her Counsellors of State. Commonwealth matters go straight to The Queen, wherever she may be.

Any two Counsellors of State may attend Privy Council meetings and they may sign routine documents. But their role is limited. For example, they cannot dissolve Parliament, except on The Queen's express instructions, nor create peers.
Counsellors of State are appointed from among the following: The Duke of Edinburgh and the four adults next in succession (provided they have reached the age of 21).

These are currently The Prince of Wales, Prince William of Wales, Prince Harry of Wales and The Duke of York.

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