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Welcome to the USDA-FSA Aerial Photography Field Office

The Aerial Photography Field Office (APFO) is the primary source of aerial imagery for the United States Department of Agriculture. Over 10,000,000 images are held here. The imagery dates begin with 1955 to the present.


Custom photographic prints with various choices of attributes now available.

For more information and the limitations of this new service, please contact our Customer Service Section at apfo.sales@slc.usda.gov. For examples, click below.

Jersey County IL Hydrography

Coconino County AZ Landuse

Sullivan County TN Topography

How APFO supports FSA with Geospatial Technology

View a Windows Media Video (.wmv), on how APFO has used and continues to use geospatial technology to facilitate and sustain the growth of FSA programs. To download the 46MB file, click here.

An MSWord document of the narration is available here.

Just a reminder

Our phone numbers have changed. To contact us, our main number is 801-844-2900. To contact the Customer Service Section (Sales), dial 801-844-2922. To fax aerial imagery orders or inquiries, dial 801-956-3653.

3D Terrain Model Using NAIP Imagery

NAIP 3D Terrain Model

APFO is now accepting inquiries from anyone interested in 3D terrain models using NAIP imagery. You may click on the image to enlarge the display model covering approximately 3x4 miles. Please contact the Customer Service Section at apfo.sales@slc.usda.gov for more details.

Film cans - Aisle view of APFO vault

The Aerial Photography Field Office (APFO) has one of the largest collections of historical aerial photography in the nation.

To read information regarding APFO's collected works, click on either the DOC version or the PDF version for this article.

Last Modified: 09/19/2008

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