The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Distributed Active Archive Center (ORNL DAAC) is a NASA-sponsored source for biogeochemical and ecological data and models useful in environmental research. All of our data sets and model products are free of any costs to you (including shipping).

Data have been collected

  • on the ground,
  • by aircraft,
  • by satellite, and
  • from computer models.
The extent of data and model products ranges from site specific to global, and durations range from days to years. To learn more about the types of products we provide, see our project areas.
What is Biogeochemical Dynamics?
Biogeochemical dynamics refers to interactions between the biological, geological, and chemical components of the Earth's environment. These dynamics are influenced by interactions between organisms and their surroundings, including soils, sediments, rocks, water, and air. More...

Image source: the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)

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The ORNL DAAC offers a shopping cart that works with the following methods (please note that all of our data sets, model products, and CDs are FREE).

When ordering from the shopping cart, you may have products bundled for download or request that your products be burned onto CDs (or DVDs) and mailed to you.

Data and models are also available free from our anonymous FTP site.

NASA Earth Science
NASAThe ORNL DAAC is part of the Earth-Sun System of NASA's Science Mission Directorate.