CFM56-3 Turbofan Engine

18,500 - 23,500 POUNDS THRUST

Engine Overview

The CFM56-3 was designed for Boeing 737, second generation: 300/400/500 aircraft. It is derived from the -2, the original CFM engine. Thrust ranges from 18,500 to 23, 500 lbs. and is the airframe's exclusive engine.

This super reliable turbofan is in-service all over the world - nearly 4,500 strong. The engine/airframe combo entered revenue service in 1984 and quickly became one of the best selling ever... just as its successor, the 737NG.
Today CFM offers upgrade kits for the CFM56-3 which extends life and reduces maintenance on this compact lightweight workhorse.

  • A growing number of CFM56-3 engines reach more than 25,000 hours before their first shop visit removal
  • Expected first run life of more than 16,000 engine flight hours
  • Meets most severe inclement weather threat
  • Setting new industry standards for reliability
  • 40 percent margin, compared to ICAO NOx limit
CFM56-3 Advanced Upgrade Kits Deliver:

  • 3D Aero for the High-Pressure Compressor
  • Up to 25 degrees (C) of Additional EGT margin
  • As much as 1.6% SFC Improvement