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Sep 20, 2008
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Northeast Salmon Team - NEST

NEST operates within the NE Region of NOAA Fisheries to promote the recovery and future sustainability of Atlantic salmon.

Length Weight Age Conversion

This site estimates age for over 20 fish species, based on the fish length. Use it to learn the age of the fish you catch!

2008 Bradford E. Brown Student Internship Program

student feeding seal

NEFSC has summer employment opportunities available during the summer of 2008 at our laboratories located in Woods Hole, MA; Milford, CT; Highlands, NJ and Orono, ME.

Protected Species Gear Research
This website is provided by the NEFSC Protected Species Branch
The Office of Marine Ecosystem Studies - Fall 2007
Ecosystem Advisory

Summary of Conditions of the Northeast Shelf Ecosystem

45th SAW Executive Summary and Panelists Reports.

NEFSC Ref. Doc. 07-11 (Scroll down to end of Recent Reports table)

The 45th SAW/SARC was held June 4-9 in Woods Hole.

The Northeast Regional Stock Assessment Workshop or SAW is a formal scientific peer-review process for evaluating and presenting stock assessment results to managers.

Monkfish Egg Veil Sighting Network

Help us learn more about monkfish!

Neighbors in Danger 2008: The North Atlantic Right Whale

Come learn about one of earth's most critically endangered animals. Sept 28, Buttonwood Park Zoo

Science Spotlight
Online Fish Tag Reporting
Fishermen are now able to report recaptured tags online. The NEFSC currently has 4 ongoing fish tagging programs:
  • Apex Predator Tagging Program
  • Cooperative Black Sea Bass Tagging Project
  • Cooperative Scup Tagging Program
  • Cooperative Yellowtail Flounder Tagging Project
Recaptured tags can be reported toll-free over the phone (877) 826-2612 or filling in basic information presented on our Online Fish Tag Reporting webpage.
NE Groundfish Page
Science and Management Updates
Cooperative Research

Atlantic Salmon
An Endangered Population
The Sociocultural and Economic Survey Initiative In late 1998, Congress appropriated five million dollars to NOAA to provide emergency disaster assistance to persons or entities in the Northeast multispecies fishery who incurred losses from a commercial fishery failure due to declining stocks of groundfish. In return for receiving compensation, participants agreed to either make their vessel available for cooperative research projects, and/or to respond to this survey.
Proposed Bottom Trawl Design
Specifications for the proposed NEFSC Research Survey bottom trawl. This was designed for the new research vessel FSV Henry B. Bigelow which is currently under construction. Comments are requested.

dolphin leaping

The Woods Hole Science Aquarium
aquarium tank
One of the oldest aquariums in the country.

Fish FAQ A Bouillabaisse of fascinating facts about fish. Brought to you by our science aquarium
Senator Mikulski toured Woods Hole in Aug. This is the presentation that she was shown here at the NEFSC. It briefly describes who we are, how we started and what we do.
(PDF File)
Some award winning NEFSC employees...
Nice flash animation showing acoustic tagged salmon smolt leaving a river and entering the Gulf of Maine. The color changes show the tidal flow up and down the river.

Ecology of the
Northeast Continental Shelf

Toward an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Managenemt. (PDF file)

In Depth   wave

Cooperative Research
Cooperative Yellowtail Tagging Project involves fishermen, Mass. Division of Marine Fisheries, School of Marine Science and Technology and Rhode Island Fish and Wildlife, to tag yellowtail to better understand their movements, mortality and ageing
The Study Fleet Program is designed to collect high resolution, self-reported data on fishing effort, catch, and biological observations from a subset of commercial vessels through an electronic logbook application.

Cooperative Black Sea Bass Tagging Project was designed to examine the population size, exploitation rate and seasonal movements of the northern Atlantic coast black sea bass, Centropristis striata.

Cooperative Monkfish Research Program now includes 2004 Monkfish Survey information.

Cooperative Shark Tagging Program (CSTP) is part of continuing research directed to the study of the biology of large Atlantic sharks.

Congress Hears about NEFSC Cooperative Research Testimony of Dr. Michael Sissenwine (PDF File)

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Large Whale Research
blue whale
Blue Whale
Modelling the past and future of whales and whaling
A paper by C. Scott Baker and Phillip J. Clapham

Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan
A plan to reduce injuries and deaths of large whales due to accidental entanglement in fishing gear

twin otter plane
Right Whale Aerial Surveys
The Western North Atlantic Right Whale population has been holding steady at approximately 300 individuals, making it one of the most critically endangered of the great whales. See how aerial surveys are helping protect them.

Right Whale Sighting Advisory System - The System provides real-time right whale sighting information to the commercial shipping industry and other marine traffic from air and ship surveys conducted by several agencies and organizations and from verified opportunistic sightings received primarily in the July - December period.


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