1979 - 2004

37th Edition S. De Compostela - Madrid April 20th-May 9th
Stages: Pról.+19   Kms: 3.441,7 Riders: 100
Teams: 9   Kms/hour: 35,929   Retired: 24

Cartel 1982
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Since the threat of disappearance of Vuelta a España in 1979 until the resignation of the Teka team and the rest of incidents in 1981, going through the every time poorer foreign representation, Vuelta a España had progressively been running out of steam since Hinault had been the winner. However, the worst scandal had not arrived yet and this took place in the edition of 1982: for the first time in the history of Vuelta a España, the organizers stripped the winner of his title because of the positive result he proved in one medical test. The worst affected rider, Angel Arroyo, the most benefited rider, Marino Lejarreta.

The race, in general was not particularly brilliant. Arroyo and his team, Reynolds, controlled the whole development of the race from the moment in which Arroyo achieved the Yellow Maillot in the tenth day of the race. The winner of this Vuelta was clearly decided after the time trial stage which ended in Campo de Criptana and was won by Arroyo himself who kept the Yellow Maillot until the very last day.

The scandal emerged fourty-eight hours after the Vuelta had been ended: it was announced that Arroyo, the ill-fated Alberto Fernández, Belda and Pedro Muñoz had been proved positive in the medical test made in the 17th day of the race. According to the analysis, Arroyo had taken a substance named "Metilfenidarofacetoperano", whose effects were antidepressant and antianorectic. The rider maintained that he had not taken anything at all and his team asked for another medical test, which was proved positive once again. Consequently, the final victory passed on to Lejarreta.