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Our Bamboo Saxophone manufacturing started operating under the brand name Elephant Lightfoot Bamboo Saxophones in 1989 in Thailand's northern capital of Chiang Mai after having been in business in Europe since 1979.

So altogether we take pride of having more than 25 years of experience in creating fine woodwind instruments out of bamboo.

the press:
Autumn 1998 vol.23 No. 3

"...bamboo saxophones from Thailand. Dieter Eric Clermont makes these unique instruments from up to 17 bamboo rings, with diameters from 20 mm to 80 mm.He has been building them since the late seventies.the use of angular cut bamboo sections to achieve
the unique curve of his instruments is his original design idea.
" I've been fascinated by reed instruments since my early childhood' explains Eric."however in the German postwar era my parents simply couldn't afford a costly brass saxophone.I had to wait till my late teens to become the proud owner of a second hand Pierret saxophone.I made extensive journeys through the European and North African Mediterranean countries.Travelling parted me from my fancied brass alto.In the late seventies, I spent some time in Italy's Toscana region and a local artisan- remembered only as Daniele-introduced me to the basics of bamboo reed instruments.Inspired by his six-section straight soprano, I started experimenting with different kinds of bamboo, mouthpieces and reeds.
Building bamboo reed instruments allowed me to work independently . I traveled light, carried only basic tools, made music and gradually developed my instruments to the 17-section unique curved shape.I sold mainly at artisan fairs and music festivals in Europe.Several jazz, rock and blues celebrities- amongst them Richie Havens, Taj Mahal, Don Cherry, David Murray, Ornette Coleman and David Liebman-were attracted by the warm sound of my instruments, became my customers and encouraged me to keep on going.
I came to stay in Thailand in 1989 where I introduced my there still unheared of instruments in a local TV series and began testing the local bamboo varieties.I set up a workshop  in the hills surrounding Chiang Mai's Mae Sa Valley, with my longtime Thai partner Khanung, and trained skillful local craftsmen......
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