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Beyond IQ

A Conference Series For and About Highly and Profoundly Gifted Children

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Information and News:

Beyond IQ Boston
May 2 - 4, 2008, Radisson, Chelmsford, MA
Keynote: Sue Jackson
Interested in Presenting? Late submissions will be considered

Beyond IQ MidWest
If you are interested in helping to make a conference in the MidWest happen in 2009, please drop us a line.

About BIQ: Since 2001, hundreds of teachers, parents, children, and young adults have gathered together in and around Boston, Chicago, Seattle & Washington DC, and had wonderfully enriching weekends. The Beyond IQ conference is a multi-faceted experience including workshops, keynotes, activities for kids and/or grownups, and networking. We will be returning to some of these areas in 2009 for more exciting and educational events.

Are invited to learn more about how to best meet their children's complex social, emotional, and academic needs and to connect with speakers and other parents in our deliberately small and informal setting.
Are invited to come and participate in an all-day schedule of activities designed to excite and amuse them, from chess to extreme art to Fun with Fractals, giving them a chance to meet kids with similar interests and abilities.
Young Adults
Have a tailored programme of workshops and interactive dialogue sessions with presenters on age-relevant topics.
Who work with gifted children are invited to come and learn more about this unique segment of the gifted population.

Media Policy: Gifted Conference Planners does not provide media passes nor arrange for interviews with conference presenters or participants. As such, the media will not be allowed inside the conference location. If parents are contacted by the media, and choose to speak to them, they may make arrangements to meet at their hotel or other location in the area.
Boston 2008 Info | About Us | How To Volunteer
You can reach us by e-mail at: or by fax or voice mail at 801-729-5081.